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Full Version: Can't access subliminal shop
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I'm a new member here... found this site by Google search, and was pleasantly suprised by the positive feedback people have given regarding these products.

I'm not sure how effective subliminals are, but I'm optimistic and I'd like to give it a try... starting with a couple of products.

Only thing is the subliminal shop keeps timing out. I click on the link, and nothing happens, and then I get a connection error. I've tried many times now. Last night and this morning. Can anyone help?

Let ANdrew know,here the admin' here. sorry that you couldnt access the site,thats been happening a lot in the past few weeks,hope its permanantly fixed soon. hang in there this stuff is worth it belive me. cheers mate. NcBear
We are having a lot of trouble with our server host at the moment, and it has both me and Andrew upset. Once they fix what they need to fix, we will once again be moving to a new server host, and hopefully that will result in higher uptime. This is not acceptable. I apologize for the inconvenience.