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Title: Writing Journey - Frosted
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I've finally gotten into the right space to start writing actively... only I can't get myself to sit down and write.

I'm taking a trip back to 3g starting now.

The three titles I'm running right now are:
Crush Writer's Block 3G
Writer's Inspiration 3G
Writer's Motivation and Dedication 3G

Gonna be listening pretty much 24/7 in rotation. I also have all the other writing subliminals too so I can change them out as needed later on, but first I need to get motivated.

Also I'll be using the Writer's creativity pack alongside all this. Pretty sweet.

So besides the subliminal side of things, I would say I have a lot of talent in arts in general. It's just that my skills tend to only get to above average in anything I do due to a lack of perseverance. 

I also have trouble on the execution side of things, and my mind works in a way that is not detail oriented. At this point I have read a lot of books for my age, which helps in its own way.

Problems right now:
Waning motivation
Writer's block
Can't outline... at all. Don't know where to start, even with instructions. It's like a block.
Lack of ability to just sit down and write for awhile
Too critical of my own ideas/writing. I can't get stuff on the page sometimes just because I reject so many choices of attack.
Mental blocks in general regarding writing.

I'm going to be writing fictional novels. This is a hobby for me as well as a potential career. If it does go that way cool, otherwise not concerned. I just want to make beautiful art. Also to be honest, I find the more I read the harder it gets to find good stuff, so I'm trying to fill that gap for myself by creating it myself.

Personal Note: At the time of this post I've just started listening to the above three mentioned subliminals.
Even though I'm running writing subliminals I'm still having dreams from LTU... Now running the writing subliminals seems like the lamest thing in the world and I feel like I should be running LTU...

I'm pretty sure resistance wanted me to quit LTU and I still did it anyway.... but I don't get this wishy washy stuff.

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