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Title: What do you think I should go for?
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I have many things to work on and believe the best order of things to achieve are:

1. Become more productive
So I need to get tons more things done.

At the moment my time ends up on different things - iphone game, porn, reading and accumulating knowledge instead of work (I am self employed)

Yes there is an element of acquiring further knowledge that will help with work.

Main things I need to do though are:
Add more content to website
Get myself known more

2. Become more charismatic and a great networker
Better at selling and communication

3. After this maybe go through alpha male 5.0 again

4. women magnet

What do you think of my plan?
Which subliminals would you suggest for part 1 of my plan?
Thanks for your reply

It seems like AM5 will take a while (stage 5) to get going, Although I would love to go through it again.
I would like something to get me going right now though

I was looking at overcome procrastination, Ultra motivation and and think like a millionaire. (Maybe even ultra success)

I know I have things I have to do. I don't know why I put them off and instead do unimportant but fun, pleasurable things.
I suggest overcome procrastination only. So you get the full benefit of overcoming procrastination alone and faster.

I am thinking if I purchase ultra success it would automatically get rid of procrastination also?
Well I had trouble with porn and online games too, until I started studying Chinese (with a Learn Chinese sub). With my study I have levels of progress and a need to do 4 hours every day to get through the vocab in my set time schedule, so now I find I have no time for games, and only use porn when my wife is too tired to cuddle. Its great.

Of course, you're not studying Chinese, but my point is, you need deadlines. Small little goals and objectives, not just big long-term goals but little ones for each day. Regardless of what sub you do, set requirements for yourself. Maybe you can reward yourself, after every 2 hours of good solid work you can get yourself a coffee; and after a day of 6+ good solid hours work you can play an online game.

Its hard to start, but once you're into it, its not so difficult to maintain. Just enjoy what you do and keep your little short-term goals.

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