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Title: Weight Loss 6.0 5G
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After 17 weeks of use (start Jan 19, 2022 to current), I want to report the success I'm having with this program. I am a male 5'11" (180 cm) and turned 50 during my use. 

I believe Shannon has said the subliminal will manifest itself in different ways for different people, for example may start to exercise more. I hate exercising, so for me it was different. The ways it's manifested for me are several. 
  • I have evolved into a dairy-egg-pescatarian. I've stopped eating beef, chicken or pork meat. This was so subtle it took me a few weeks to realize it. 
  • I no longer eat sugar and sugary sweets. I only drink water, one coffee (250 ml) in the morning and have a beer or two on some evenings. Donuts, cakes, cookies etc.. aren't even a temptation. I've had plenty of offers and I say "No thank you. I don't eat sugar." I did have one bite of my father's birthday cake and it was disgusting, haha! Completely lost my taste for sugar. 
  • I don't eat processed foods. What I eat now I prepare it myself. I make my own salad dressing for example, fresh and just the amount I need for that meal. I eat healthier in general
As part of healthy eating and making meal plans, I got a hold of a book. Crunched numbers to find out what my daily caloric use was based on my activity level, among other things. From there I made a list of every type of food I like to eat from the main categories (veggies, meat, fruit, nuts, fats, grains, etc...all of it.) Then got the macro nutrient per serving info for all of it and make meals, keeping in mind a certain total of intake for fat/carb/total calories per meal and keeping at my suggested daily intake for those. I'm no dietician or health specialist. I just wrote down what I like to eat, and started planning/preparing meals within the guidelines. I love to eat and I love these meals because it's not a "diet". It's all food that I like to eat, just healthier and managed unlike before. Before I had no problem eating three chili cheese dogs, potato chips and a diet soda for dinner. I eat avocados now like they're going out of style. 

For the record I DID NOT do any calculation regarding what my "ideal" weight should be as Shannon expressly recommended against it and I don't want my conscious mind to know and interfere with anything. I weigh myself once per week on Saturday, log it, and then forget about it. Not obsessed with it. 

Enough chit chat, show me the numbers!

Week 0 Start weight 227.9 (103 kg)
Week 1 225.9
Week 2 226.8
Week 3 226.6
Week 4 224.0
Week 5 224.5
Week 6 219.7 (At this time I did a week of heavy weight lifting for 4 days.)
Week 7 220.1 (I think here my brain said, hey you exceeded 3 lbs. last week. Slowing it down)
Week 8 218.4 
Week 9 218.0
Week 10 216.8
Week 11 214.8
Week 12 214.5
Week 13 212.5
Week 14 212.5
Week 15 210.9
Week 16 210.2
Week 17 208.4 (94.5 kg) (current)

So there you have it. Safe, healthy, and doing my part. Average for me is a pound and some change per week. There are sometimes I can't listen to the minimum 8 hours and only get 6 hours. I have no idea what my brain calculated is my ideal weight but I feel like I could still stand to lose about 15 more lbs. I feel close though. I'll keep listening until it stabilizes and then goes into maintain mode. The last two weeks I have started to feel like I want to build some muscle definition and tone though. I don't want to be an undefined beanpole, haha.
Glad to see folks are still having success with 5G subs. Slow and steady, controlled weight loss is the best, IMO, like in your case.

[2021] ASC 5G: 51 days | Grow Taller 5G 27 days | OFv3 (5.75.7G) 
[2020] ASC 5G: 42 days | EPRHA3 (5.5G): 7 weeks
I want to give an update about this. Literally the last time I weighed myself was the week 17 entry from above which was on May 18, 2022. On May 24th I started the Self Esteem sub. Even though I had only 4 months out of the recommended 6 months of listening, it was my belief when I started SE three months ago that the SE would continue to drive WL forward because of the positive belief in myself SE would provide me. I choose to believe it has done exactly that.

Not much has changed from the diet I wrote about in the journal above. A month ago my size 36 pants were just too big. I bought size 34 and I now shop for 32-34 or M size bottoms, which I haven't done since I was a teenager. I could probably wear M size t-shirts too. Here we are now in September and I finally decided to weigh myself out of curiosity.

So as of September 7, 2022 I'm at 193.3 lbs (87.6 kg). So that's 15 more lbs lost since May. This sub works!
Ex perfecto nihil fit

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