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Digital Morphine stefioan Journal
09-25-2017, 06:35 AM
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Digital Morphine stefioan Journal
I bought this out of curiosity some days ago and decided to give it a try today.
I did this laid in bed.

So here are my observations:

First Run

According to the pdf:
- Relaxation state: Yes I did feel relaxed at moments
- Loss of awareness of time: I think I had this sensation at times as well
- Deep and profound physical relaxation: Not really.
- So deep relaxation that you do not want to move: Not at all. I just wanted it to finish, get up and resume my work as I wasn't seeing results.
- Glow of pleasure: No.
- Dreams/hallucinations: none.

Other observations:
- I caught myself thinking about other staff of the past few days and thinking about them in a relaxed manner.
- My mind kind of cleared up and I could sort things out and put priorities which is nice.

I am going to use it again in the future and record the results. I was wondering what factors play a role like volume, sitting or in bed, etc.
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09-25-2017, 01:15 PM
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RE: Digital Morphine stefioan Journal
I can't speak for IML's binaurals, but with other binaural audio its generally suggested to close your eyes, put a cloth over your eyes, let your thoughts wander, and focus inward (almost like you're going cross-eyed or looking at your third eye, to give you a visual). Volume wise, for me personally, I find that medium volume works best. You want to be able to listen at the loudest volume that you;re able to relax to. You should never try to tolerate or withstand a higher volume. You should also only use high quality, over the ear, headphones like sennheiser HD 280's. Apple earpods don't cut it here.
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09-25-2017, 05:00 PM (This post was last modified: 09-25-2017 05:05 PM by DarkPlouf.)
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RE: Digital Morphine stefioan Journal
Speaking of binaural beats, do they really work as efficiently as we think ?
Personally I never managed to fall asleep with Theta or Delta binaural beats. And Gamma brainwaves that are supposed to enchance cognitive functions, and boost energy does nothing, and at worse I just get sleepy. How can one be sleepy if his brain syncs with Gamma or Beta brain waves ?
Even thought I use binaural beats for years now I never really add a breakthrough with them, nor a blatant proof that they work. The fact that even after years of use I still can't fall asleep with 1 hour of Delta binaural beats make me doubt highly their effectivity.
I still use them during meditation just because though, lol it doesn't hurt. And if I can get some placebo effects from them, why not ?

Now, as far as Shannon's product are concerned, I thought he was using a more advanced technique then binaural beats ? I bough Meditation Set and that's what I understand from the product page. Speaking of which, I never disciplined myself enough to use that product daily. After a week of use I think my visualization was improving but that have been just a coincidence maybe.
I'm curious if Digital Morphine is going to work with you at some point.

DMSI 3.1(~105 Days)
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09-25-2017, 07:36 PM
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RE: Digital Morphine stefioan Journal
I have a link on another forum where I ripped I-Dosers into wav files so you can store and loop them. I have used I-Doser to much success for many years, although yes, some do nothing for me while others are great. I also use Google Music which has some of the CD (shortened tracks with music over top) titles which also work well.

NZT helps me think a lot. Any hallucinogenic doses like peyote, Trip, etc help me think much more creatively. For instance, in my minds eye; I can see a table being tilted sideways, zoomed into the leg there are purple ants being walked by GI-Joes, I can walk through walls and fly in space with much detail. Its like my mind is tripping but the rest of me is sober. Confidence (thats the name of it) helps me when I'm stuck in a rut. After Awake and Prozium are great and they carry you through a day. No, binaurals are not magic, and they work for some and not others. I looped Out of Body in my sleep one night and for the coming months I would zone out and imagine some wild things. I would look at a tree and in my mind I could rotate that tree in 3d space, see the roots, etc... I would see a body of water and automatically draw the bottom of the lake in my mind. I could do this with buildings; rotate them in 3d space, accurately look at each room as I put the building together and imagined it.

So yes, they work well for me, but I'm smart enough to know that they dont work for everyone nor do they work the same way for everyone.
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09-26-2017, 09:45 AM
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RE: Digital Morphine stefioan Journal
Fascinating, I didn't know about I-Doser. A new adventure is awiating me PiratePirate.

DMSI 3.1(~105 Days)
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