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Title: Use of New Multi-Stage Programs
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I'm new to using multi-stage subliminals (currently Ultimate Monetary Success version 2) and I was wondering if I could get some help in this area.  I've read the general instructions for multi-stage programs but I figure 5.75.0 and higher programs may have some differences that also may not be covered in the instructions for the specific program.

- Are there a recommended number of days that a listener should take off between Stages?

- Is there a recommended amount of time a listener should take off between run-throughs of the whole program?

- Shannon has recommended in the past, if the listener has the urge to increase listening beyond the basic instructions, to reduce the number of days off between ASRB2 cycles until only one day is left before adding loops to the cycle.  Is this still applicable for 5.75.0 and above programs or is the time off more necessary with the more powerful programs?

Thank you very much!

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