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Title: US/LM 4
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(05-17-2019, 09:52 AM)Infinite Wrote: I set my device to shut off after 5 hours, but it did not.  I listened to the sub on ultrasonic at night, so I had to train myself to wakeup after 5 hours after I realized that this thing was not going to shut down when it was supposed to.  I got 4 loops the first night, 3 loops and 26 minutes the second night, third nights was 3 loops 15 minutes.

First night
Had a dream that gave me better self esteem concerning the college that I went to.
Had another dream that helped me to see that wealth does not equal strength.
Second night
Very scary dreams about being persecuted, but I felt no fear upon waking up.
Got success from a dream that showed me how to improve on one of my favorite hobbies.

A woman that hates my family tried to make me feel less confident by staring at me behind her black sunglasses.   I ignored her, walked two feet in front of her, and I felt strong.   That night, I had a dream that showed me that I should be proud of my SO's involvement to help the people in this town.

Had a thought that I should declutter and organize the hutch where I keep my dishes.  The next day I wasn't even thinking about dishes, but I imagined these bowls.  I thought I wanted them in white, but then I pictured them in sea green.  I realized that it would be a beautiful color.  I thought that it was just a little nothing daydream.  Next day we went to the store we get groceries from that also sells household items.  SO told me that he saw these cups and bowls that he really wanted.  I hadn't mentioned anything to him about the bowls I imagined, and it's not like him to see these items and want them.  Turned out that the bowls were the exact shape and color that I imagined.  We got them, and I am so happy knowing that it was the perfect purchase that I will not regret.

I think that I look gorgeous.  I've seen men looking at my face with a look that I've never seen before. 

I had trouble remembering words a few days after I played the sub.

I went to Walmart and I found good quality gym clothes for under $10 instead of the usual $30 items I get.

Began to trim one of my Japanese maples in my garden.  Then I realized that what I was doing was practicing a technique called air layering.  I never had training or read much about it.  I wanted to do it in the past, but I just couldn't see where it was needed to do it.  The tree looks beautiful and SO thinks that it looks very nice. 

On the fourth day after starting the program, SO said that I look like I am successful and that I am carrying myself differently.  Had a daydream that played out like a movie, first time that happened.  SO says that this is the way that he always daydreams.

Will report back in about a week.

Wow. Interesting results. I can't wait to be on this program and getting good results.
Yes, I have experienced similar visions and dreams. I seriously believe one needs to be on USLM3 for more than 6 months to really start experiencing what this subliminal is really capable off.. What our minds are capable off.
(05-17-2019, 11:56 AM)Zane Wrote: Yes, I have experienced similar visions and dreams. I seriously believe one needs to be on USLM3 for more than 6 months to really start experiencing what this subliminal is really capable off.. What our minds are capable off.


Your results have inspired me. You seem to manifest so well
Something similar happened with me also, USLM3 is kick ass amazing.
How did the situation turn out Zane? How did uslm3 kick ass?
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The subconscious parts that resist are of an emotional, and therefore irrational nature. They usually have a lower level of understanding than the conscious on top of that because they are frequently crystallization of past selves who have experienced some sort of significant trauma. These reactive parts do not necessarily think with, use or understand logic but they think they do. They also appear to experience reality in a significantly different way than you consciously do, which can sometimes lead to a "WTF?" dichotomy in which that part of you blindly strives to avoid its feared outcome regardless of the cost to you as a whole, which sometimes flies in the face of common sense, logic and reason.
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Thank you for that thorough response.
@Shannon not sure if I told you before, but your posts shed so much light and is easy to understand. Props to that. I feel literally progress as I read it so to say through reflecting.

Great journal @Infinite Im enjoying reading these updates.
Fourth Phase
1st day 3 loops
2nd day, 3 loops
3rd day 3 loops
Two days later, 1 track
Two days after that, 1 track
Next day 2 loops
Day after, 2 tracks

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