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Title: UMS wanna see how this baby goes
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Hey there guys been out of the radar for some time now. Probably because of my Alpha run post SM that I've been quite busy with things. Anyhow, saw this update regarding UMS 5.5 and since I was resting for quite some time now, I've thought of trying this stuff.

With regards to my history, I did a lot of 6 stage Sets previously, and the most significant and life changing sub for me would be AM. All the others are like cherry on a cake.

Today I will start my run of this sub and try to see where it will lead me. Crossing my fingers. Wish me luck! Hope this run will lead to something worthwhile.

By the way, am gonna use the 3:7 ratio for this run. 3 days of 1 loop each followed by 7 days of rest.
Just Do it
First take on UMS. Tried some old clothes and some new ones. Was in front of the mirror and had the urge in visualizing myself once I had the money that I desired. I imagined how I stood, how I talked, and how I carried myself. Visualized myself in certain scenarios such as buying property, making negotiations as well as traveling for leisure. Had an urge to rid my closet of old clothes that I havent worn for a while. Had an urge to wear my smart casual wear in lieu of plain old shirts. I'm not sure if this is connected to any of the script but I will keep an eye on these things if they persist.
Just Do it
You can read through the list of goals and see all of that.
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(07-10-2019, 09:43 AM)Shannon Wrote: You can read through the list of goals and see all of that.

Gone thru the list. Its quite hefty long Smile

The three days I was on UMS, I had the feeling of being in the state of where I wanted to be, which is in the state of UMS. Quite impressive so to speak that I was already thinking that I had it all at that very moment. If i compare the prior subs regarding money, this one has the fastest effect on me. I Noticed my thought patterns changed. I was thinking "if I were the boss, owner etc... what would I do?". Owning that thought for yourself made me feel empowered. However during the rest days, I have little to no energy to move. I felt tired during the first 3 days post usage. Today my energy has slightly returned.
Just Do it
With the advent of new instructions from Shannon with regards to sub Usage, I will be using UMS once per day starting today. the three day run of once per day definitely has me eager to use it to its full potential. I'll be maintaining a loop of UMS per day and let time left during the day be my assimilation hours. Let's see how well this goes on this current setup.
Just Do it

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