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Title: UMS
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Looking back at my subliminal listening history and this thread, I’m beginning to think that somewhat ironically that part of my resistance to UMS v.1 was the fear that over-listening to UMS v.1 would be a source of resistance to UMS.

I had slowly worked up my listening routine to 6 loops per day for 3 days and then 1 day off. The concern back then was whether or not it was safe to listen to such a powerful subliminal program (5.75) for too many loops per day. I therefore scaled back my listening and never returned to that level. The most I listened to UMS v.1 from then on was 4 loops per day for 4 days and 1 day off. This is also when I started experiencing a dry spell from any results from the program.

I’ve now seen at least two people on the forum reporting that they need even more loops per day to see results from their respective programs then I ever ran UMS v.1 at. I feel I now have “permission” to follow my gut and subconscious and not limit my listening experience based on those old safety concerns. I can be more aggressive with UMS v.2 and increase my loops to experience results without going overboard.
Started Stage 3 of UMS v.2 and I'm starting to feel the insomnia and "head-buzz" that others have reported, especially when they used UMS version 1. I'm hoping that this is a sign that some positive affects from the program are also coming my way.
The first cycle of Stage 3 was really rough - my brain felt like lead and it was extremely hard to concentrate and perform the simplest tasks. Increasing the loops per day from 2 to 3 during the 2nd cycle has thankfully cleared this up for the most part.

On the money front, there's not much to report yet. There's been a shake-up of employees at work so I'm moving to a different position that may potentially come with a small raise. I think UMS may be numbing much of the anxiety I would normally feel during a transition such as this.

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