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Title: U.S. Dollar Devaluation
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You've spoken on the subject line multiple times,  particularly with regard to cycles. Surely you've modeled multiple options with regard to hedging savings. What do you see as being the best option for preserving wealth?
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The last I checked, the dollar was actually getting stronger. I'm not sure why, lol.

If I were you, I'd be learning up on crypto. Big time.
I need to educate myself on cryptos for sure.

The main reason for this post is that Shannon predicted that the results of three cycles combined require balancing that will be primarily focused through money. As a result of this balancing, he feels (or felt) like there would be a serious devaluation of the U.S. dollar. He has also stated that he has modeled BTC, but didn't feel like it was good long term due to its volatility.  So, I'm curious about what he views as a good long term strategies based on the tools he has at his disposal.

Of course,  I would never seek financial advise from someone I don't know on an online forum,  but i do like to consider multiple perspectives. Considering the current spending ($1.9 trillion,  $3 trillion coming?, more?), Shannon's U.S. dollar prediction seems to be in line with reality. Because of that, I'm particularly interested in his thoughts.
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Neil McCoy-Ward and Dr. Ron Paul are a couple of interesting perspectives on this, who seem to have some reasonable ideas. As for me, I'm expecting our current worldwide insanity to do everything possible to sink the ship, including spending us into oblivion, taxing us into oblivion and regulating the escape routes to force the herd to do their will. That last part could get very hairy. I have therefore sought to invest in stocks, cryptos and silver bullion - NOT gold, which will probably be made illegal for citizens to own if things get as crazy as they are heading for. I cannot say I am any sort of expert or anyone to listen to with regards to this, but hopefully one of those at least will make it through.

I have not been impressed with what I see concerning BTC in the models for the long term, and I am not currently invested in BTC. A lot of people disagree with me. But there are some other cryptos that look like they might be worthy of investing in. You might also want to consider what would sell well in the case of a dollar crash, and what would be necessary to keep you alive for several months to a few years. Then assess all sources of information, and determine what you think a reasonable assessment of the situation is and how to make it through.

This financial chaos is at it's peak in 2019, 2020 and 2021, with '21 being the year where the straw should break the camel's back. The good news is... after 2021, the influences causing all this financial instability and frankly, insanity, should start fading out. That will probably take at least 5 years to complete, just as it took ~ 5 years to fade in.
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Thank you for your reply,  Shannon. I've begun taking steps to prepare,  at least as best as I can,  for the exact scenario you describe. I've intentionally avoided discussing that in an effort to not come across as a nutjob. In fact,  my primary reason for running OFv2 is to help me keep a level head with whatever comes our way.

My own personal philosophy has been to invest in tangible assets. I don't feel super trusting of anything that I don't have physical possession of, including the nothing-backed numbers of a digital bank account. I agree with your assessment on both silver (yay) and gold (nay).

My intent is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I'll definitely check out the two individuals you mentioned.  More often than not,  I enjoy Dr. Ron Paul's ideas.

Thank you again for your response.
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