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Title: Tufti the Priestess
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(09-15-2020, 11:17 AM)AriGold Wrote: I am familiar with that book, a friend from this forum told me about it and it's an amazing model or explanation.
Have you read his other books? I got started on his books series because of another thread on here.

Yes I read reality transurfing first then I discovered Tufti

(09-15-2020, 11:17 AM)AriGold Wrote: To be honest this could explain the difference between people that have success with subliminals and people who are unsuccessful.
- some people already choose consciously the next film roll
- some people get suggestions from the subliminal to change their film roll
- some people even though they get the suggestion to change the film roll will fight and say "but I want this other movie in this movie, this film roll stays in, let the subliminal change the content of the film roll" which does not work.

Exactly and if you think about it more, you will see TDI makes perfect sense. Because if you choose to change your future frame (use diff sub), it
means you already changing the script little by little which means you don't have to actually arrive at that future frame (day one using the subliminal) to actually see results. Because the script is already altered before starting the subliminal. 

(09-15-2020, 11:17 AM)AriGold Wrote: I got to say that I had a different explanation of that with the TV Series Westworld. You know with all those robot characters and some humans in between. I just watched the first series but while watching it something clicked in my head.

"if you hold on to your lifestory as you always told it, it only leads to the same future."
so... to change the outcome of your future you have to tell your life story differently. Nothing else is done with NLP when you experience certain situations of your past in new light and you give it a new meaning or perceive it differently.
You have to give up your "identity" to get to YOUR identity that has the dream life.

If you live your dream, you can say you are right. If you are not living your dream, you're doing something wrong and the worst thing is, you don't know WHAT it is, so don't ever think "but I am right and this is fact" when it could just be your perception of the truth and not the truth itself and the fact just looks like a fact but is your opinion.

Sorry if I got a little bit off topic. I'm open to discuss the book and the models that Vadim uses, if nobody else is interested, just PM me.

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