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A Non-Emotional PHRA-type Product
05-18-2017, 02:20 PM
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A Non-Emotional PHRA-type Product
Using EHPRA2 is it getting rid of a lot of crap in my head I didn't know was there. This got me thinking about a second complimentary file that does the same kind of thing, but attacks all of the non-emotional crap in your head. An Other Crap In Your Head Healing Aid, or possibly rolled into a 5.5G/6G Life Tune Up. As a starting point, I'm looking for something that would tackle everything these do:

Remove Negativity Within
Overcome Procrastination
Disconnect From Other People's Negativity (preferably constructing an aura around yourself to energetically protect you from it, so you aren't vibrationally affected either)
Everything Is Possible
Luck Magnifier (as I understand it it aids LOA thinking)

And possibly these if there is enough script room:
Happiness and Joy
Attract Positive Energy
Winner's Mindset
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05-18-2017, 04:33 PM
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RE: A Non-Emotional PHRA-type Product
Hey James,
What do you mean by non emotional crap in your head? Reading your list most of that can be seen as emotional, procrastination, negativity etc all fall under being emotional.
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05-18-2017, 05:22 PM
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RE: A Non-Emotional PHRA-type Product
I'm using emotional in the strict sense of emotions being experienced, as that is what EPHRA addresses. All of the my mommy wasn't nice/this girl broke my heart/show me where he touched you on the doll/etc. is handled there.

Classifying negativity and procrastination as emotions seems a bit of a stretch from the way I've experienced them. While I suppose either could have emotional bases (which would be addressed by EPHRA), they can just as easily be based in perceived reason and become learned behaviors. When things get worse long enough it's reasonable to conclude they will continue to get worse. When being around people who make feel bad it's reasonable to conclude that continuing to be around those types of people will always make you feel bad. Something can be put off simply because one does not want to do it without any attached emotional trauma, which becomes a habit over time. I speak from experience on all three.

I'm looking at this from the perspective of correcting these types of learned destructive behavior patterns that may or may not be based in emotion, not emotions that may have led to their creation. Clearing the trauma itself doesn't automatically fix all of the bad habits learned as a result of that trauma. Essentially this, EHPRA2 and LTU would together contain all of the building blocks of a healthy psyche, with all forms of self sabotage removed.
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