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Title: The Writing Subliminals
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(09-13-2014, 11:06 AM)Shannon Wrote: I created those originally for myself. I've published a few books, and they were originally intended for me. I found them immensely helpful. Glad you do too. :-) When I get a little time, I'm planning to bring those all back, or perhaps make a single do-all program title for writers.

As a writer i would LOVE an all encompassing Writers 5G/6G (whatever you make I'll buy lol).

I'm curious how you would approach this, though. Like how would success tie in to writing?

Some of us, like myself, would see success as finishing a project and having it sell well (like my fiction books). Others may not necessarily see success as monetary gain as they might be bloggers where simple visitor responses would be nice. You are a master subliminal script writer, though, so I trust you'll find a nice work around for this.

Even if this can't be done in 2015, can this be something for 2016...? Big Grin

**Apologies for bumping an old thread. I didn't want to make a new thread since it appears the topic only applies to a few of us.

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