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What about FUKUSHIMA?
09-09-2018, 10:06 AM
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What about FUKUSHIMA?
I've been reading about Fukushima lately, but it's difficult to get some reliable information. What do you think is the overall scale of the radiation caused by Fukushima..?

I wonder if it was possible to create a sub that would, hmm, help resolve this problem, somehow. Shannon wrote somewhere on the forum about exosubliminals (damn I don't remember the exact name), the subs that many people listen to in order to produce some external results. Hmm like en exo-subliminal to create more love in the world etc.

I'm thinking about having kids in the future and then what comes to my mind is that it's just so sad that such a thing as Fukushima disaster had to happen in our world.......... Sad what is the world that our kids are gonna live in...? Sad

"Absolutes in communication are reflections of ego." Thomas Campbell
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