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Do looks and status matter ?
10-11-2018, 11:24 PM (This post was last modified: 10-11-2018 11:26 PM by MasterEnki.)
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RE: Do looks and status matter ?
I reckon that verbals can turn women off.

I’m a hot, sexy, ripped guy with a badass beard, and wicked style.

IME, as soon as I open my mouth, a lot of women cringe. Not so much because of what I say, but because my voice is stereotypically ‘retard’ sounding.

I’ve lost heaps of women in the verbals.

But, ultimately, even though I hurt and feel like crap for a few days after losing women this way... I don’t really care long term, since my goal is to get partner(s) that are ‘perfect for me’.

These women (that lost interest in me as soon as I started talking) are obviously NOT right for me.

I’m sure plenty of guys have lost women in the verbals.

On the other hand, it may be possible to still get women with crappy verbals, if other areas are very honed and refined.

A guy with amazing vibe, and great kino, might be able to get women without verbals.

Most guys are a 10 to some women and are a 1 to some other women.

The same guy is a 10 to some women, a 1 to some other women, and just ‘meh’ to most women.

Some women love ripped guys. Some women hate ripped guys.
Some women love fat lads. Some women hate fat lads.
Some women love beards. Some women hate beards.
Some women love clean shaved. Some women hate clean shaved.
And so on... etc...

Right now, most guys have women who would have sex with them, no questions asked.

98% of guys, right now, would have a few women (in the world) who would sacrifice alot to have sex with them. These women would literally pay you to have sex with you.

The challenge is finding and meeting these women. Manifestation seems like the best way to go.

Most guys never meet these women (that would make significant sacrifice just to have sex with them).
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10-12-2018, 09:26 AM
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RE: Do looks and status matter ?
I disagree with this mindset. I forget who it was on the forum here, I think it was matt22, anyhow he said we don't have the luxury of being choosy before we have abundance of hot women (words to that effect). I completely agree.

Also, if I followed that philosophy in sales I wouldn't be any good at it.

FIRST you have to get abundance, by letting everyone you can in (within reason obviously, I don't wanna hear about psychotic killer women, I'm obviously not talking about those) THEN you can search for what you want.

Also, it's like food (I think matt said this too) you don't know till you try it. You have to be willing to open yourself to new experiences to learn your tastes. Also, having experiences with more women than most guys will make you stand out from the rest.

If you want to be average, stick with the "there's a girl out there for me" philosophy. But if you want more for yourself, you gotta expand your horizons.

No unsolicited advice please. Thank you.
“As long as you don’t quit, you’ve always got a chance.” - Bill Clinton
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10-15-2018, 04:14 PM (This post was last modified: 10-15-2018 04:16 PM by MasterEnki.)
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RE: Do looks and status matter ?
I agree with the food analogy, that my tastes won’t be properly developed until I’ve had a few lovers.

However, I do have definite preferences regarding women. For example, I really like Gianna Michaels more than most porn stars. I prefer larger breasts / curves, instead of small / flat chested.

Interestingly, my dad is the opposite, in that he loves flat chests and skinny women, and considers women with larger breasts to be too fat / too chubby.

But I have some sort of ‘taste’ for certain women / traits in women, even though I have ‘never eaten anything in my whole life’ (still a virgin).

Now, once I start having sex, my ‘taste’ might change.

The mindset that I mentioned is empowering and useful. Having the mindset that [almost] everyone has someone (or a small group) that finds them extremely attractive, and would definitely have easy sex with them... is a great mindset to have.

If our reality reflects our deeply held beliefs, then I would rather have the above mindset as one of those beliefs.

A reality in which I have a woman / women begging me to have sex with them is something I would love to experience.

And, having that mindset still allows one to go out and live a normal life.

Shannon has mentioned that manifestation in subs requires a ‘set and forget’ approach. Especially AYP / MYP. Though I’m pretty sure Shannon has mentioned DMSI also requires a similar ‘set and forget’ approach (he said something along the lines of ‘stop hunting and let them come to you’).

I think the mindset of ‘there is someone (or small group) who finds me extremely attractive, and would definitely have sex with me’ is a necessary (or at least highly useful) mindset for manifestation via subs (especially AYP / MYP).
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10-15-2018, 10:14 PM
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RE: Do looks and status matter ?
This is a good mindset but it's also good to be aware of the probability. The more "niche" you get, the less likely it is you'll encounter your target market. It is in fact possible to have no target market if you're too far from any norm or what anyone wants.

Keep in mind: women are the buyers. I know Shannon says DMSI is making US the buyers, but I'll believe that when I see it. So far, I have not.

So till then, you are the product. What kind of woman would want you above all her options? Keep in mind: a woman has her pick of EVERY MAN ON EARTH because all men will f*ck all women. If you can answer that, you may have a chance, but till then, she'll pick the better option every time.

No unsolicited advice please. Thank you.
“As long as you don’t quit, you’ve always got a chance.” - Bill Clinton
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