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Title: The Astrology Thread
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Damn Jack, thats some good analysis. Do you think you can predict events in the near future?

Also, is it me overthinking this or is this actually a very good time for Shannon to make UMS (as he is) because of where pluto and Saturn are currently placed.

Pluto- depth/subconscious/power
Saturn- organisation, structure

In capricorn- Big business, Boss energy

In the south Node- Meaning the energy is already present, if anything, there might be an excess of it.
North Node in cancer= Cancer=moon/our deepest self/subconscious self.

Suns also in cancer right now (the north node of the current overall energy).
Appreciate anything that you want to grow

Fearlessly, harmoniously and deeply penetrate every moment

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way

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