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Title: Suggestion for Shannon
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Hello Shannon, Ive been thinking that your making a mistake with not training anyone to help you produce subliminals,

Youre only able to do so much by yourself, so your slowe down tremendously on your production speed, only able to create 1-2 big progams a year instead of ? possibilitys. 

You can create a contract with someone that makes them unable to make a business or pursue a career in anything sublminal related after they quit working for you. 

You can also only teach them certain things and not everything needed to create the quality that you do.

Or you can set up a system in place in which you teach them everything, but you dont teach them how to activate the subliminal, basically creating a KEY type system in which that one piece of info that they need to make the subliminals work, they dont have that knowledge, only you do, so they make the subliminal then you activate it for them.

You are losing out on a ton of money doing the business method that your currently doing, being the only one able to produce the subs, youre also having to charge a TON for your progams because of how slow it takes to make them, If you do what im saying, you can create HUNDREDS of amazing programs, charge a little cheaper and have MUCH more sales in the long run and be able to help more people, with a VARIETY of different subs.

and as you know people get bored and will buy them even if they are supposed to be using another program.

Think about what im saying, you have much more potentional than what your doing now. You are limited to 1 mans production wise, instead of 2 or 10 men producing subliminals.

If youre willing to come out to Canada and train me and set me up, I would work as your employee.

im 25 years old in Vancouver Canada, unable to go to the states.

I want whats best for the company and whats best for the customers, so please do something about your 1 man production speed and do whatever it takes to progress past that limited belief system that you have.

The more subliminals the better, and charging 1000+ for subliminals is not the right way to go about things. Less people wil be able to afford it. meaning less people will be spreading good news about your products.

my email is [email protected] , contact me if you want to work together.
I don´t think he will but i woud like too, second in the list.
I don't think he will either, but maybe he should run it through his models?
Once 6G is estsablished...then were REALLY cookin' with oil !! I"ll leave it at that.
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Did you ever stop to think that perhaps I am doing things the way I do them because the way I do them is the best option?  I have considered all the options you present, and more.  The way I do things now is the best way to do them.

When the time comes that I am ready to find someone to pass my knowledge on to, it will be done.  It is not time.  I am not accepting apprentices.
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