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Title: Subliminal for Feminine voice?
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After I am done UMS I would like to try a subliminal for sexual attraction/dating.

I noticed that Alpha Female 6 stage is currently free in the store and I was wonder what would benefit me more DMSI or Alpha Female?

What I would like:

  • Assertiveness
  • Leadership traits
  • Confidence
  • Attractive Body language
  • More feminine voice
  • Strong mindset (perseverance, determination, etc.)
  • To attract men and women (I am okay if it only targets men but both would be ideal).
  • self-improvement
  • self-reliance
  • self-respect
  • self-esteem
  • self-worth
  • self-control
Also would DMSI do anything with hormones? I notice Alpha Female says it balances hormones.
That program was not supposed to be free. That appears to be the result of a bug in some of our back end software. However, since you discovered that issue for us, you are welcome to keep it as payment for that discovery and reporting it.

It is my opinion that Alpha Female will serve you better overall. DMSI will work better for attraction and has much better hormonal adjustment towards it's goal, including the enhancement and fine tuning of your pheromone signature for that purpose, but it's goal is to get people to be willing to initiate and have sex with you. That said it does a lot of other things trying to get to that goal, but several of the things on your list are not included.

Then again, AF is a 4G program, and you're used to 5.75G now. You may not be happy trying to go backwards like that.
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