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B2 First Attempt
08-09-2013, 10:30 PM
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RE: B2 First Attempt
What length of time were you exposed?

60-90 minutes

Did you use it on speakers or headphones?

Were you alone or with others?

How long did the effects seem to last after you stopped exposure?

Maybe a few minutes.

How long did it take to start noticing results?

I think 10 minutes because I was kinda in a good mood when I start listening to it after 10 minutes

What did the program feel like to you?

I feel the program feel like its kinda working on me either that or its placebo?

What level of intensity did you experience concerning the effects of the program?

Not that intense, I mean, kinda subtle in fact that I wasn't sure that it was the B2 or that I was in a good mood (The effects that I was laughing and was in a good mood)

How frequently did you dose yourself?
1St time (That was a few days ago, Unfortunately, Hopefully I will have more time to use it.)

Did the effects change over time, or remain consistent?
I didn't feel much effects but they worn out after a few minutes.
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