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02-08-2019, 03:42 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 4.0.

Quote:...I know the sub can work well, because my girlfriend has been receiving incidental exposure when I listen. Since Day 1, she has been a different person. Usually she’s a major procrastinator, doesn’t cook or eat well, is messy, stresses about her job, etc. Since the sub, she’s been happier, cooking proper meals, cleaning/tidying after herself, and has been searching for and has an interview for a new job. This is literally in the 6 days of incidental exposure she’s been getting....

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02-08-2019, 03:44 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 4.0.

Quote:One word for this subliminal - beauty.

Yesterday I woke up feeling a deep sense of wellness and peace. I was delayed to work but rather than get stressed, genuinely enjoyed resolving my morning meetings over the phone. My mind being clear and focussed I was able to play around and connect more with work people whilst delivering real value - I don't think I've had a more productive train journey haha.

When I got to work things were incredibly busy, but one by one challenges I face on a day to day basis just melted (not really because of anything mystical, but rather my more positive attitude just allowed me to deal with things more intuitively and not catastrophise, giving me more access to my mental faculties). I was sitting on an open plan desk with people I've not been around before and just started vibing with them. People are being kind to me, respectful and supportive. The woman sat next to me just spontaneously started sharing her lunch and connecting with me on a very friendly and human level.

I left work early and met some friends for half an hour - I would never make time for this as I 'never have time' - with LTU I just feel good enough that I feel like reaching out, even half an hour shooting the shit with friends is worth it...

Quote:I wanna add, I’ve had a bunch of people directing negative energy toward me, talking about me , making jibes at me - all of this is having zero impact on me right now.

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02-09-2019, 03:49 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3.1D

Quote:Time for an update. It was fairly uneventful until today. I was walking in the mall with my son when a woman who's selling beauty products yells at me to come over. She's a slender blonde Eastern European woman with very long legs who in my estimation is between 25 and 30. She's at least 6 ft and a solid 7 in my attraction scale. She directs me to a chair to sit. As she applies a lotion to my face, she ask my age. I tell her and she replies that i look at least 10 years younger. She's trying to sell me stuff which i steadfastly refuse to buy. I'm trying to wiggle my way out of this when she asks if she can leave me her business card in case i change my mind. I reply in the affirmative. She's gone for about a min and come back with a piece of paper which she shoves in my hand. I grab it and leave. I open it up a few minutes later and there's a cell number and a gmail address with her name on it. Completely unsolicited. I have more to say but will update later on tonight.

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02-09-2019, 04:56 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 4.0.

Quote:End of Week 1

I am currently on my 3 day break after having completed the first 7 day session. First few nights were tough on sleep; the last couple saw some improvement, though there has not been a night with a complete interrupted sleep. However, it had gotten better as the week progressed. I also felt very tired and lazy during parts of the day.

On Day 5, I had a job interview. The night before that, I attempted to prepare myself for the interview. However, the more I attempted to prepare and research what all is needed and what to say, the more unmotivated I became. I felt it was overwhelming and too much to do. I finally said to myself "screw it, I'm going to bed; I'll just be myself tomorrow, if they end up liking me, then great. If not, then it's not meant to be."

On the way to the interview I felt some anxiety/stress/tension/nervousness. This reached a peak when I was waiting in the lobby for the HR lady to come get me. As soon as she greeted me, all forms of anxiety/stress/tension/nervousness melted away instantly.

I first interviewed with the technical team. In my interviews and social interactions in general, I am quite serious as well as a bit boring. To my surprise, I was naturally cracking jokes during the interview, and there were several times where everyone laughed. It made me feel at ease and made the interview a lot more relaxed for both me and the interviewers. I did not have an answer to some of their technical questions, but at least I felt comfortable and at ease during the whole process.

Immediately after the interview, I then had lunch with the senior director and CIO. Before lunch was over, the CIO offered me the position. (Note, I was previously informed by the technical team that there were other interviews they had to conduct before making their recommendation.) But looks like the CIO liked me enough to just offer it to me on the spot.

I was pretty happy and excited the rest of the week, and am looking forward to what session 2 of LTU4 will manifest.

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02-11-2019, 01:58 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
LTU 4.0:

Quote:Muhahahaha - feeling good man. So I’ve been thinking about goals and turning them into bitty daily steps I can fit in around my work. I’ve broken them down into tiny implementable daily tasks. Just one or two things which I can do, rather than go nuts and say I want it all right now without building the foundation - which I’m sure has caused much of my burn out on success oriented programmes like USLM and BASE.

ION, I had a weekend with a bunch of friends and it was genuinely a touching weekend where they showed a lot of love for me and my family. Things with my partner are great, and I came across a solution to a problem at work which means I should be able to solve a previously thought to be near impossible problem.

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02-12-2019, 04:45 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 4.0.

Quote:Until LTU 4 I never socialized for the sake of socializing. My dad was an engineer who worked long hours and when he was home was building a new barn, on one of our tractors or something similar. He was good about allowing my brother and I to help him as we got older. Growing up I had a great work ethic because of my upbringing but was very unbalanced. All I really did growing up was study and practice sports. I was popular and had jock friends but didn’t really hang out with them outside of sports. I had nerd friends I studied with but didn’t hang with them just to hang either. If I went to a party it was to get a girl and that was it. All of this has carried through to present. I have work friends and workout friends. People consistently asked me to hang out consistently through the years but I have never made the time. Improving a sport, business, learning something new, etc. was always a higher priority. Productive... yes. Balanced.... no. Only since beginning LTU has socializing for the sake of socializing ever seemed appealing.

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02-19-2019, 04:54 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Become A Successful Entrepreneur.

Quote:Stage 5, Day 12:

As of yesterday, this is the most hopeful and optimistic I’ve felt about my future since 2014. I keep feeling like the keys and the path I need are finally starting to reveal themselves so that I can finally fulfill my highest potential and live my best life. There are small moments of fear and uncertainty but they’re being replaced with anticipation on what’s on the other side. I feel highly thankful for life in general, so much that even the job I detested months back is something I’ve become grateful for. I still rather work for only myself, yet I realize this is a stepping stone...

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Yesterday, 05:02 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3.1D.

Quote: have been running DMS I for almost 2 years now, having slow growth but this new version has blown me away! Originally when I started listening I thought it was just placebo when I made some progress but now I believe. I feel like I took a big step this month.

Family members and friends are complimenting my looks! Saying that my face looks more defined and looking healthier. Women saying I look handsome and that I could be a model! I used to have major social anxiety and avoident personality disorder..... but now that has changed.

I feel more confident, more engaging, and love meeting new people. I don't allow fear to control my life anymore.... I mean I still feel fear but I don't try to suppress it like before. I feel like other areas in my life are also getting better. I still have a long way to go but I am ready for the challenge.

Thank you Shannon, two years ago I was in a dark place, addicted to adderall. Drinking to cope with my social anxity. Angry at life. I ended up in the hospital after an addreall overdose. I thought I had a heart attack and died but luckily it was just a panic attack. Thought things would not get better but I found your website.

You have saved my life. Looking foaward to the next version of DMSI. I just wish I could fall asleep, lol. We are all going to make it guys!

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Today, 01:12 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 4.0.

Quote:...I am finishing the second cycle of 7 days of LTU. I really stopped several bad habits linked to stress, like nail biting Thumbsup and it is totally natural, I don't force myself, it seems a part of me ... Some friends I met recently told me "Oh you look younger !"
On the side of luck and success : I have been given a special privilege from my employer... to travel abroad on the 5 continents. Normally in my company, at my level, we are not allowed to travel abroad, only big bosses will do. And you know what ? It was one of my goals but I imagined I will have to resign and go to another company if I wanted to realize this goal.
I am waiting with impatience the LTU 5 !!!

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Today, 01:18 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 4.0.

Quote:Physical healing from work outs and improved stamina confirmed. I’ve been doing one of those zero to 10 k programmes, normally I’m out of breath and crying to just walk after 5 mins runnning, I had built up to 10 mins about a year ago but haven’t run since. Day before I started running again, and did what I’d gotten to without much effort, yesterday I ran for 20 mins straight and no issues - I did attempt running about a month before LTU and could only do up to a 3 min run at a time.

Soreness is minimal, feeling alert and alive with a desire to be much more active.

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