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05-18-2018, 05:17 PM
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Absolute Self Confidence.

Quote:DAY 47

Confidence continues to grow. Kind of hard to describe the feeling inside, but it's kind of like when you have a caffeine high without being jittery, but feel mentally alert and physically active, and feel like you can do anything. It's most obvious in my mannerisms like the way I walk. I feel like the guy in Limitless (excluding being super smart), the way he was walking down the streets when he first experienced that drug, the confidence he had when interviewing and interfacing with people, etc...

This newfound confidence has also made me want to "look the part", so I have been motivated to work out, have been eating less, taking better care of my personal hygiene, and had spent several money on new clothes including suits. I really do feel like the guy in Limitless....that's me Smile

One day I had a male colleague approach me and say "hey, whenever you and I go to client meetings, I want us walking side by side together as we enter the front door". I'm thinking in my head WTF??? So this confidence is definitely noticeable and making me have this "cool" persona that people are attracted to.

However, an unexpected (and a bit unwanted) "side effect" is that it has given me more responsibilities at work that I don't really care for. The Sales folks I support and upper Management would like me to spend a lot more time at customer sites building a relationship with clients one-on-one, just me without the Sales team involved (I am an Engineer, and the Sales teams usually do this kind work, not me). They want me to build that trust with the client, and because I am not Sales, it wouldn't seem like I am trying to sell them something. So now I will be doing more travel and spending more time at client sites. Of course I had to accept...

As a side bar story: so yesterday there was a happy hour being sponsored by one of our vendors. I had not plan on going, I have a lot of work to do, and I think socializing is just a waste of time for me at this point. My Director and an Engineering colleague was going to be there, so I felt like I had to go and eventually just dragged myself to going. On the way there, I felt "confident about my newfound confidence" if that makes sense, so thought it would be interesting to test this confidence in an actual social situation (as you can probably tell, I don't go out much).

I'm glad I ended up going. The vendor we had were actually two hot young chicks, I'd say 8/9, one was around 30, the other around 22 or 23. We had a group table reserved, so in a situation like that, it becomes a lot easier to just talk with them, no pressure, no anxiety, etc...So I did the usual introductory talk with them, talked a little bit about work and any potential opportunities they can be engaged in, but 90% of the conversations during our time there was not work related. When I was leaving, the younger girl told me to "call me, or I'll call you". I said okay. Today, she messaged me in LinkedIn wanting to do lunch (not sure if she is doing this with the other folks from the happy hour)...

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