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09-24-2017, 04:54 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Breast Enlargement V6.

Quote:...Size remains the same, but interestingly, the shape has beautified. Hard to put into words but the shape of the breast has expanded around the breasts with contouring, so that if I were to (but hubby wouldn't be that supportive of this idea lol) go out into the world without a bra I'd have no problem with it at all. This is a major mindset shift and results observation of how my breasts have evolved. It's pretty remarkable how this program has worked thus far.

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10-19-2017, 02:51 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:...I’ve been improving my self-care drastically in that area anyway but man it’s like I’m becoming almost obsessed with taking better care of myself on all levels. I predicted yesterday would be amazing and it was, today feels like it’ll be even better. Even walking into Walgreens, and then my building at work, everyone is responding to me well and I feel deeply greatful. I’m also talking more smoothly and calmly. It’s like I’m on an all natural high. Damn E2 lol.

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10-21-2017, 03:44 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:I actually decided to continue using AM refresher for one more month to further strengthen the results.

I've noticed it's helping me allot socially, and with women and in general in life.

AM makes me feel great and I have a very masculine vibe with women. I shake there hand and look into there eyes in a more powerful and sexual way.

Also i'm more funny and humurous, making more jokes with people randomly I noticed.

It's pretty great.

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10-21-2017, 03:47 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1.

Quote:This SHIT is awesome. Honestly DMSI 3.1 has made me feel more alive than any other subliminal and I have done a LOT of them in the past few years.

My journey with DMSI so far:

I started using DMSI A on 3.0.1 and ran it for the normal 3 loops per day. I didn't see too much results and had tons of resistance.

I kept going and after 32 days I took a break for a bit.

When I came back DMSI 3.1 was out and I decided to do another run. So I did 3.1 A for 2 loops per night. My results were getting better, but not as good as other members.

Again after 30 days, I took a break. This time I spent it reading books and taking courses on Pick Up and dating. I figured my lack of good results was because my subconscious had no idea what was attractive and maybe I needed something for DMSI to latch onto.

A month later, I do DMSI 3.1 again. This time I had even better results. Even auto-pilot kicks in and I am flirting, witty, and hold frame like a beast. Girls giving me tons of IOI's, even some women approaching me.

Now, to be fair - I have always had "accidental" luck with women. I say this because I have always had a fair number of IOI's and because of my how I am when I approached women I had a decent success rate.

After DMSI though, my success rate is WAY higher. Roughly 80-90% of the women I approach are closed now, were as before it was only 60-70%.

But it gets better. I wanted to up my results even more...

I decided to to do DMSI B, but that gave me a HUGE amount of resistance - not sure why since A no longer does. So instead I am doing 3.1 A still, but 7 loops per night.

That's right! 7 LOOPS!! EVERY NIGHT.

I've been doing this for roughly a month and girls have been giving me IOIs, Guys have been giving me looks and AMOGing like crazy.

Some girls have been acting almost drunk when they see me. They trip over their words as they try and flirt, like they just met a celebrity or something.

But nothing tops TODAY. This was by far, the weirdest shit that's happened.

I was waking to grab lunch and this 8/10 girl is walking to my side, she gets in front of me, spins around, waves and introduces herself after eye-***** me for what felt like a good 20 seconds (probably was only 5 seconds though).

DMSI autopilot kicked in and Introduced myself, but kept walking as I was shaking her hand - basically leading her to the place I was grabbing lunch.

She followed me in, waited for me to order and sat down.

We talked about shit, flirted, she gave her number and told me to call her on the weekend.

She literally followed, waited for, and spent a good 30 minutes with a COMPLETE stranger who she just met on a side walk.


Shannon, I want you to know I will buy every sub you make from this point on!

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10-24-2017, 08:40 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:Stage 2 Day 20

- i'm constantly pissed at other people's *****
- i noticed improved self validation and self-reliance
- i don't give a F*** attitude towards other people's lives i tend to focus on my own
- decreased need for validation and approval i just do what i want to do
- improved calmness towards high pressure situations
- improved my action taking skills
- improved my personal standards towards life and other people
- improved focus towards my goals
- improved self-belief about my abilities and skills
- Alpha male body language and behavior
- i feel safe and comfortable with myself

* i'm excited for the next stages of alpha male 12 days to go before stage 3 "Big Guns"

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10-27-2017, 09:46 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Anxiety Relief Aid 5.5g.

Quote:I didn't realize how much anxiety I had until I purchased anxiety relief. Last night I finally got a good nights sleep and I am just living in the moment more. This is just one day... awesome sub..!!

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11-04-2017, 08:53 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Anxiety Relief Aid.

Quote:It has been one week of my Mom listening to Anxiety Relief Aid as instructed for 3 loops per day. She is still unaware that she's been listening to this subliminal to avoid placebo.

I won't pretend to know what she is thinking or how she feels. I can tell you what I've observed.

Before Anxiety Relief Aid
She would call her mom (my grandmother) every day, even if she had just visited her.
She would stay overnight with her mom when I went to work.

After Anxiety Relief Aid
She calls her mom if she has the time. Every 2 or 3 days.
She doesn't stay overnight with her mom, she stays with her sister. My Aunt is 2 years younger than my Mom and drives her own car. My Mom enjoys going out with her, instead of sitting at home with my grandmother.

Overall: My Mom knows my grandmother is well taken care of and is less concerned about calling her or staying with her. My Mom is more concerned about her own happiness.

Since listening to Anxiety Relief Aid... My Mom has gone out with my Aunt on a daily basis. She went to a baby shower, one hour away in the pouring rain. It was raining so hard the traffic went from 70 mph to 25 mph.

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11-10-2017, 04:27 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1.

Quote:...It was a continuous smooth uplift in all parts of my life until today. Flirting is fun and my marriage is better than anytime before. Regarding the sexual aspect of our marriage it is like reality bending.

My wife becomes more and more the wife i want her to be....

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11-13-2017, 03:47 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Life Tune Up 3.1.

Quote:It's day 29 of LTU 3.1 and let me tell you it has blown my ***** mind!!! Literally, 7 days after using LTU a girl manifested in my life that vanished a month prior stating I was unforgettable and she really wants to get to know me!!! A 5 month depression with suicidal ideation has lifted completely within 29 days!!! I got laid by my ex-fiance who now wants to be friends with benefits!!! My severe social anxiety is almost becoming a thing of the past. I've been going out to the bar and socializing with random people, which is something I would have AVOIDED before the sub. In fact, you couldn't catch me dead in a bar or club drunk or sober with or without friends!!! I was completely avoidantant of social venues like bars before this sub came along. By the way, I'm posting this 29 days in because I was skeptical about Shannons subs but now that I'm nearing 32 days I really have no other choice other than to share!!!

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11-19-2017, 10:07 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:Stage 3 Day 14

- improved self correcting behaviors
- more commanding voice
- more self assured
- more selective with friends
- increased fighting spirit
- increased self-assurance
- no more bouts of anxiety and depression
- self validated
- calm and collected
- my employees and friends listen to me more and values my opinion/advice
- my friends kinda look up to me for valuable advice over their life decisions
- unreactive towards negativity and girls BS
- im more aware of my strengths and vulnerabilities
- thinking of more ways to achieve my goals faster
- decreased procrastination and improved motivation
- im more singleminded and strategic.

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11-22-2017, 07:57 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Anxiety Relief Aid.

Quote:So I decided to stay on this program for a while. Been on it for last few days.

yesterday I went approaching with my friend and I approached 3 beautiful women in a span of an hour.

first approach was okay not bad, she said she had bf at end.

Second approach was amazing, one of my best ever, i was funny, completely relaxed and got her number.

Third approach she also said she had a bf after talking few minutes but the approach wasn't that good.

The initiial approach was good for each of the 3 approaches, but only the 2nd approach was perfect, 1st was not terrible but 3rd was not that good. i didn't think of anything to say thats good.

I am stoked. Im so happy because yesterday showed that I still have it in me.

I had almost no anxiety.

This is the beginning of a new chapter of my life, taking action and doing what I need to do to get what I desire in life.

Always approaching instead of living in regret.

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11-25-2017, 03:26 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Anxiety Relief Aid.

Quote:This anxiety program is so strong and effective and im very happy I bought it. I am grateful to be using it and I can only see my life getting better and better from here on.

There are so many things in my life that anxiety was getting in the way of & now that the anxiety is dissipating I feel reborn. I feel like a new person almost.

I feel like I've willingly fallen into another chapter in my life & from here on everything in my life is going to be amazing.

I feel unbelievably good about myself & the future right now.

I've also never felt the level of NON NEEDYNESS that i am feeling right now. I almost give no fucks.

I give very little fucks right now compared to the past when it comes to dealing with women.

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12-01-2017, 09:28 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:Stage 1, Day 21:

- Energetic all day without doing anything out of the ordinary, eating, or drinking any stimulants.

- I was super unfocused at work and kept making very silly mistakes.

- Every time I spoke to a woman today I made her laugh.

- Starting to notice that I'm more talkative

- My wife seems to be getting more affectionate towards me daily.

- My daughter was super excited to see me today, she usually wants to stay with her mom.

- My voice is getting naturally louder

-I don't care what people hear me say.

- Keep getting looks from women between 20-60 years old everywhere I go.

- Women seemed very pleased when I was in their presence or they spoke to me over the phone today.

3 weeks on stage 1, thought this was going to be kind of boring but damn was I wrong. If anything it just seems to be pushing me to express my true self more each day, as opposed to just showing the calm and composed version of me that I usually do.

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12-01-2017, 09:29 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

Quote:Just checking in with more MLS results

I just took an official Mensa IQ test and scored 27/33 (after having 4 whiskeys as well) placing me in a "good chances of passing the real mensa exam"

Had a wedding yesterday where I met several high school friends from several years ago. My mind was impeccable with details of our shared past while theirs was hazy and they'd forgotten a lot of details.

My intellectual ability has dramatically risen

I have a natural interest in learning and reading new things which interest me. This far exceeds what it was previously. At this rate I'll be a renaissance man in no time

My mind is super balanced right now.

I'm pretty confident MLS has driven me to make all the changes to my lifestyle that I have.

This sub is truly amazing.

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12-08-2017, 03:58 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1.

Quote:BTW., thought I'd write something on the results front (the fact that I'm not reporting regularly doesn't mean nothing's going on Wink ).

Interestingly enough, I am beginning to be asked out by women. It has happened for a third time in a row lately, with three different girls, all of whom I find attractive and enjoy spending time with. One invited me as her plus one to a pretty posh shindig last month, and this very week I got invited by another one to see an opera (she paid for the tickets), and another one asked me out to go for drinks Saturday (she actually wanted me to go with her to a party on Thursday, but I had an out of town gig. So she adapted)

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12-10-2017, 04:09 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Anxiety Relief Aid.

Quote:My Mom is 73 y/o and became blind at age 30 from a tumor pressing against her optic nerves. Understandably she is apprehensive about staying at home alone. I try my best to find someone she can stay with or stay with her when I go out. However, sometimes I have to leave her at home by herself.
40 Days Anxiety Relief Aid

Circumstances pulled my relatives away for the Thanksgiving holiday and my Mom was recovering from her breast surgery and didn't feel like traveling with the family. I went to work and Mom stayed home alone.

Since then, Mom has stayed home by herself at least once or twice a week. I never told her she's been listening to Anxiety Relief Aid. The other day she said, "I can't believe how comfortable I feel staying at home alone."

Before Anxiety Relief Aid
When I take her blood pressure at home it is always normal. When she goes to the doctor, her reading is 10 or 15 points higher. White coat syndrome, is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a clinical setting, though they don't exhibit it in other settings.

After Anxiety Relief Aid
We have been seeing the doctor's almost on a daily basis since her surgery and each time they take her blood pressure, it is normal.

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12-15-2017, 03:17 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

Quote:Day 126

We're hitting mid of December and I'm loving MLS. I went on MLS to maximize my learning to rake in the cash in the holiday reason, and raking it in I am. I made half a mil of sales in the last 30 days. Now I am writing this not for the sake of bragging. When somebody gets laid from DMSI it's a win not just for the dude but for all of us as well. I hope to share this with you guys in this forum so we can count this as a win for MLS, for IML, for this forum and you guys in it who have helped me tremendously...

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12-19-2017, 04:11 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1.

Quote:WTF....This is super mind-blowing. I pressed play. A minute after...No, not even a minute after, she texts "I want to hear your voice". This is the most weirdest thing I've ever lived. Happens all the time. This phenomenon defies odds and probability...How is this possible ?

Went in a shop today and there was that girl who was looking at me very nervously. This is my first. Feaked out, though, as I thought there was something odd on my face or my clothes.
Yesterday on the street I encountered an old friend that I haven't met in more than 4 months. She told me that I became very handsome (twice) and she said "When will you come at my place ?".

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12-26-2017, 09:07 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Universal Detox.

Quote:I got on UD for emotional clearing, and it touched me deeper than any other sub has in my life. 5.5 subs have an intense power, and it hit me emotionally and physically--both heavily.

It really went straight to my fears of being honest (with myself), and it dismantled it. However, like you, I wondered "what will replace my fears?" Once a bit of clearing had been done, I was antsy (afraid of not knowing, aka afraid of not being in control?). Maybe it was resistance. It likely was/is. I even began planning on crying when I went to some of my meetings, as just opening my mouth was just seconds away from expressing old grief, having kept everything inside me, for YEARS.

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12-26-2017, 09:08 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Self Esteem 5.5g.

Quote:**** I was super confident today.

Thats how I know self esteem is working really well.

I was NEVER that comftorable. I was SUPER playful and direct and it didnt feel like i had any inner turmoil. not even a little. I think my anxiety is even less now.

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