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Title: Subliminal Audio MP3 Free Downloads
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You likely landed on this page from Google. Hi there!
This is the Subliminal Shop forum where members keep journals to document their personal progress from using the most advanced subliminal audio on the market from Indigo Mind Labs. You can view the products by clicking here. You can also look at the Free Subliminal Downloads page. This community is full of real testimonials from thousands of users. We encourage you to browse the shop website to find products that intrigue you and then follow up on your curiosity by searching for the title on this forum and read the related user journals to give you an idea of what you're in for!

You'll find that we abbreviate our product names on this forum. What in the world do all these abbreviations mean?
Click here for a full list and scroll down to "Programs:".

Our subliminal audio features a silent (ultrasonic track) that can not easily be heard but is interpreted and processed by your subconscious mind at full volume. When you download our mp3's, you will receive the silent track and two masked tracks featuring ocean waves and also a trickling stream track. These options are present to fully accommodate a range of preferences. Some users find it easy to listen to the silent track during the day and prefer to use the masked track at night as they fall asleep. We encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you.

Shannon, the creator of these wonderful subliminal audio programs, has suggested a minimum exposure of 8 hours per day, every day, for at least 32 - 90 days for full effect. 32 days is generally suggested as the minimum time to use one subliminal for. 8 hours is quite easy to achieve because all you have to do (at minimum) is play the audio as you sleep at night which can be done using your phone speakers (good) or with a small speaker (best). The longer exposure per day the more pronounced and immediate your results will be. Keeping in mind everyone responds differently is important. Most users report "something" within a week. Some users notice changes within a few hours, others a few days. Everybody is different and we encourage you to use the subliminal for at least the minimum hours per day every day to experience the desired results.

Welcome to your new self help community! We are here to help you improve every aspect of your life and help you grow as a person. We encourage you to make an account, ask questions (you can do so here), and keep a journal to document your progress. Once you start to feel the effects you will WANT to keep a journal!

Hop on over to the Free Subliminal Downloads page and pick up your free subliminal audio today!


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