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Title: Starting Laser Focus and Concentration 5.75g
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Tomorrow (pay day) I will be starting Starting Laser Focus and Concentration 5.75g! So as long as I read the instructions and apply them correctly, I should be enjoying the promised benefits and I will be keeping you all updated. 

I am a ADD/ADHD type and have issues with focus, life direction and procrastination, I am hoping to see some real results.

Wish me luck!
i have ADD nyself so I am really interested in seeing how this affects you!
please keep us posted!

Nice to see a journal about this program.
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I played 1 loop while computer gaming, then I  showered went to bed, put the next 3 loops on. So 4 loops, 4 hours, as instructed, but with a 15 minute break in there.

That was played over night, and my DAY 1 experiences:

I know I had a pleasant mindfulness or focus. Subtle but noticed, such as no daydreaming and less useless thoughts. I definitely needed more sleep, I did not feel tired, I had slept more.

That is all for day 1.
Day 2:

Yep, really need extra sleep 2-3 extra hours

I didn't find an extra, focus or being present today, and I did feel un-selttled most the day as a undertone, that could be because I didn't do anything productive

I also have the sound more quite than the first night, I will fix that! might also listen during the day instead of while asleep
hey man, I don't know about your specific ADD but do you find that you start tasks better and procrastinate less now that you are on LFC?

Thanks in advance!
I only made it through 1 day of LFC so far (it was a GOOD day though), I am now restarting due to family issues, sorry for my absence.

Day 1 review will be written tomorrow morning!

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