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Title: Shouldn't UMS instructions point to used technologies?
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Recently I asked in a post if instructions regarding ASRB could be added to UMS. Shannon replied in a follow up post that it's explained in the FAQ. That is helpful.

What I didn't know to begin with, though, was that UMS uses ASRB.

After going through the FAQ page, I did find this question: "Why is it so important not to break ASRB in 5.5g+ programs?". So it is a loaded question that implies that all 5.5g+ programs have this technology. So now it's clear to me. However in the beginning I didn't know about it and had the false impression things were clear. I surely wouldn't have reached the FAQ had I not encountered Shannon's mentioning the importance of not breaking the ASRB. To me all appeared to be clear: "This subliminal should be used as-desired". So why would I go to FAQ? And coming from an AM background, I thought it wouldn't be bad to just go for many days in a row with 8 runs / day.

The basic scenario is this. Someone is new to subliminal shop or doesn't follow the forums. What steps do they need to follow in order to find out the best usage instructions? Is it just a particular case that I didn't get the correct information directly from the UMS webpage, or might this happen to others?

I'm happy I found a schedule that works for me. The only reason I raise this topic is in case it may help others minimize the time until they get it right.
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