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Title: Sexual Arousal Magnifier v1 5.9g
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Here is a summary of my first week using SARM : it is FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!!

In details : I've been using solo mainly for fun as I already have a quite high sex drive and a good sex life.

I first tried the short term usage and I am not sure it affected me much. I had sex in the evening and it was good but normal.

I switched to the medium term usage and it's just mind blowing.
I don't feel the effects in the moment. They always come after. Since started listening everyday, I wake up not only with the classic morning wood but a huge need for sex and it does not really fade off during the day. Clearly, I haven't been this horny since my teenager years.

When I saw my girlfriend again (on day 3), it was our most intense night together undefined . Funny note : at the end, my GF asked me if I took some viagra to be this turned on.

I think it is the most effective subliminal I have ever used. Thanks for the fun Shannon !

-Teddy_Bear06 said this here

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