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Title: Self Esteem 5.5g
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Taken from my journal post today

(06-07-2018, 04:26 AM)JCasterlin Wrote: Day 7 - One week in I continue to be impressed by what this sub is doing for me. Its done more in one week that a lot if not all prior subs did in months. I still have self doubts but they are rapidly going away. I've been far more assertive at works which I was not expecting but given the need to be to do my job the way I want to having that increase is awesome . I no longer focus on what I might be missing out on or what other people are doing. I used to have an occasional habit of trying to get into conversations other people at work are having. I have the awareness now to not do that. I have so much more ability to be patience & delay gratification . As someone with ADHD that is huge. I no longer question my ability to do my job. I realize that the only things I need to do is be patient so I can gain the knowledge & experience it requires. The only real issue I'm having is to not listen to the sub beyond the instructed six loops a day
Very cool.

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