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Title: Self Esteem 5.5G
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A question for @Shannon regarding this sub. I've been using it as directed since purchasing it on May 24th, so I have about two weeks left to complete the three months of use. I can say it's helped tremendously and I can write about my experience in the correct forum section. 

For now my question I hope you can answer is: does this sub have a negativity type deflection shield, or similar? A few days ago I had a very unique unheard of for me experience and I'm trying to understand if it could be related to the sub (or new me) protecting me from an extremely low self esteem/tragically broken yet beautiful woman that I had just started to become romantically involved with. The product description doesn't say much of anything about what modules or special technologies the sub is using. 

I know for a fact that before listening to this sub I would have been sucked right in to this woman's messed up world and the train wreck we would have become. Whereas now whatever her and I had going on, overnight came to a screeching halt over a seemingly trivial event. I'm happy for it ending just in time though.

The shield wasn't created back then, but what's happening makes alot of sense.

It's not because of a shield. It's because you've grown in yourself and your own self esteem. Where before when you had more insecurities and such you would have accepted a woman like that, now you've grown in yourself and realized you don't want that in your life.

And on a deeper level that can also drive people away who don't match your new level of self esteem (this is a positive as you've seen) and attract people who are better for you.
Thanks for the reply Benjamin. What you're saying makes sense. After I posted the question I also started to have the thought that maybe our self esteem levels were just too "out of sync" to be compatible or something along those lines.

She also self identified once or twice as "a hot mess" which was alarming for me and I think thanks to my growth in self esteem I wasn't OK with that. Always listen to how someone self identifies. And anyway I do want someone in my life who is better for me.

P.S. On the plus for her, out of transparency I did tell her that I had been listening to the sub and even the few times she stayed over she had been exposed to it (ultrasonic while sleeping.) She told me she had recently been better at making eye contact and had been more decisive about things. The day before we ended, she had asked me about where to get the sub because she was interested in getting it for herself; which I was happy to hear. I sent her the link to the Self Esteem page and explained how it worked a bit. I don't know if she'll buy it or not but I hope so for her own sake. She's very self aware and really is a good woman. I hope the best for her.

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