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Title: [Request] Pre interview (Ace the interview)
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In the very near future I could use a sub which is designed to be used either in the days and weeks leading up to a job or promotional interview or longer term when you are looking for a job and will likely be having multiple interviews coming up.  The more lead time the better of course.
I would buy a 5.75G sub the instant it came out if all it did was kill interview anxiety, but I think you can do better than that.  
The basic design goal would be to make the user stand out as the best possible candidate to the interviewer or panel of interviewers.  For me, this would have to be designed to work in a formal panel type interview, but I would think that if it works for that it would also work for a less structured one on one type situation.  

Goals (as I see it, feel free to add or subtract)

-  Kill fear stress and anxiety before and during the interview (after would be nice too)

-  Present the image of the ideal hire with body language, voice, and energy aura.

-  enhance recall of pertinent information during the interview.

-  Enhance the ability to recall times when you have demonstrated certain skills and attributes and relate them as stories.  This should work for “tell me about a time when you” type questions and others when putting a story in would be helpful.

-  Make the candidate likeable to the panel, and help establish a rapport.

-  Help the candidate actually feel good while interviewing.  

-  Anything else that anyone can think of.  

As I said.  I’ll plop down the cash for this one the nanosecond it comes out.

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