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Title: Request: End Your Toxic / Unhealthy Relationship
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Hi Shannon,

I've been looking for a sub to help with this topic and have not been able to find one. It seems to be a topic that has come up a lot for me lately (not just in my life, but also in the lives of my friends and family). I, and others, are having trouble ending incredibly toxic romantic relationships for various reasons - fear of change, self esteem issues, guilt. I envision it to have an element of the "End Your Romantic Relationship" program, but also include some self-esteem elements - "I deserve happiness. I am strong enough to end my unhealthy romantic relationship. I do not feel guilty for wanting to be happy", etc.
I'm posting this in the Women's section, but I really think it's gender neutral and I actually do know a male who would benefit immensely from this sub.

I would buy a copy of this immediately if you made it!! Many thanks. Smile
It's not relationship specific, but did you take a look an Alpha Female? It should contain some of the elements you want.
(05-05-2014, 01:34 PM)sebastian Wrote: It's not relationship specific, but did you take a look an Alpha Female? It should contain some of the elements you want.

Thanks for the suggestion, Sebastian. I will definitely check out that script.
There IS a sub on that now here:
"End your romantic relationship quickly and peacefully." I'm not even IN a relationship - except for a casual one (purely sexual and verbally agreed mutually non-exclusive one) but I got that sub just in case I ever need it. I have never seen a subliminal like that before so it SEEMS quite unique. I love the idea of this. I have had to end relationships in the past, including I'm the one who initiated the divorce and that's been amicable but not everyone is so lucky and i think this sub could really help there. It IS a 3g one and as they are going to be phased out in less than two weeks, anyone wanting something like that get this NOW. I also would like to request that this is one that is upgraded, just because it is so rare. I bought about 6 3gs and I am gonna to grab some more before they go but this one and the dream your best solution one are some of the rarest titles I've ever seen, even though I have used subliminals and hypnosis before (and for some reason seem to respond well to them.)
So ANYBODY going through a toxic relationship or HECK, even if you don't WANT to be in a relationship anymore and want to be single again and mingle again (no, that is not why I divorced LOL! But some people might feel that way) or ANY reason, I say THIS is the sub to get.
My ex hubby accepted my decision - he wasn't thrilled about it but could see my reasons why and agreed. We stayed friends and still are and he is now happily re-married.
Divorce or even a break up doesn't have to come with lots of drama.
And I think this sub could really help people in those situations, including toxic relationship.
It sounds like the Alpha Female DOES have some elements of that too, I read everything about it and it sounded like toxic relationships can end anyway as a result of doing that but I say get both!

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