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Title: Question about Ultrasonic
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OK, so I understand kids are not to be exposed to the subliminals, but I had the weight loss ultrasonic running in my bedroom and my son came into my room, when he got to about the foot of my bed he said he could hear an awful high pitch noise... both the 12 and 18 year olds can hear it.

I've calibrated using both the stream & ocean tracks, so I don't think it's too loud, but now I'm concerned that it may be too loud anyway. Just want to make sure I'm not damaging my ears. Should I lower the level?

And, on a side note, I thought about getting some subs for my kids to help with focus and studying and such. I'm guessing the ultrasonic would be out for them and use the masked tracks only, or is it just that it would need to be at a lower setting FOR THEM, because their hearing is so much better to begin with?
If you followed the instructions to the letter, and it sounds like you did, it won’t damage your ears.
You can go down one notch with ultrasonic if you think it’s too loud but if you lower it too much, it will lose effectiveness.

Younger people hear that ultrasonic frequency, that’s normal, maybe you should ask them if it sounded awful because of the pitch or it also sounded too loud.
Great. That's what I thought. I did go down a notch "just in case" :-)

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