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Title: Overcoming Fear (Multiple Versions)
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Overcoming Fear V3.

Quote:OF has been the cause of my ability to stop looking at Porn. I have not orgasmed in a month now and my sexual thoughts have been almost statistically zero during that point. However, I feel like I have hit the point where my sexual energy has reached the "full" point and it's spilling out or something. I hear that you can flatline and get a little depressed as your dopamine system recalibrates after you stop PMO so I am taking some things to increase my testosterone as that can assist your mood. So far no flatline but now my energy levels are higher and my underlying sex drive is at a peak it has not been at since my teens. The reason I think I am "full" is that I can feel the DRS has more power now. I can feel it emanate off my body. I have not felt an aura as strong as this since the DMSI version about 4 years ago now when I didn't orgasm for 6 months on it. Women treat me differently as well.

More banter during interactions or they just go nervous silent. Lots of stares ESPECIALLY from people in cars. I was a bit of a skeptic of some of the claims of nofap but now that the sexual energy cup is overflowing some of the claims people have made don't seem so far-fetched anymore. I also feel the sexual energy pouring out of me as well which affects males and females alike. There are a lot of beta males in my circle and they, along with women, seem to just give way and let me steer conversations and interactions. This has been a learning curve as I have needed to acquire better conversation skills and leadership skills as I never polished those as well as I could. Being more on the agreeable side and having some of the wisdom that comes with being in my mid 30's has really balanced out the aggressiveness that this increase in testosterone brings, I feel like agreeable men really need to keep their T levels high as a natural balance to the proclivity to being too nice and to prevent doormat syndrome.

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Overcoming Fear V3.

Quote:Day 6/180

I am noticing a very subtle shift to my perspective towards challenges and fears. Its very hard to put this into words. The best way that I can describe it is that, I am more welcoming and willing to embrace discomfort and fear in the pursuit of a worthy goal. I think that I am morphing into a care free persona which is exactly what I need at this time of my life.

Several examples come to mind...

- The thought of calling my boss and asking for a salary raise doesnt seem to scare me as much as I thought.
- Travelling to another country as a digital nomad feels rather exciting to me.
- Being the introvert that I am and the thought of forcing myself to go out and socialise doesn't feel so daunting.

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