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Anti-Piracy and DMSI 3.0.1+
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Anti-Piracy and DMSI 3.0.1+
DMSI V 3.0.1 has a new addition to it's anti-piracy scripting. The AP code currently consists of five statements, up from 4 in V 2.5 of DMSI.

The new statement, #5, is designed and specifically intended to get you to cause yourself to become uncomfortable in response to knowingly pirating, or illegally having, owning, sharing, copying, giving away, profiting from or using DMSI or any program sold by IML or that is made by me specifically.

It does not affect you at all in response to the piracy, etc. of anything else or anyone else's products.

In response to knowingly and illegally doing any of these things with any product I have created, or that is sold by IML, however, it is designed to cause you to make yourself increasingly uncomfortable until you correct these actions.

I do not specify how to correct them in the script. I think you are intelligent enough to know that when you break the law by stealing something, helping others steal something, and so forth, that the way to correct your actions is to un-do them. I leave the decision up to your own subconscious mind as to how to do that.

To that end, I suggest that you first and foremost should specifically never pirate my subliminals, or illegally have, own, share, copy, give away, profit from or use them. Save yourself the hassle and worry.

If you are dumb enough to do so regardless of my explicit warning here, then you will trigger the AP code and over time, you will continue to become more and more uncomfortable until you correct your actions. How you become "uncomfortable" is left entirely up to your own subconscious mind and choice. I do not specify or steer that. It's all on you.

If you need to correct your actions to disable the AP code, you would seem to have the following options.

Directly un-do whatever triggered it.
Pay for your pirated copy or copies.
Delete your pirated copy or copies.

I'm stating all this here in plain English before I release DMSI 3.0.1 because:

1. I believe you have the right to know.
2. I believe more than one person is going to be stupid regardless, and do one or more of the above illegal things.

I want you to know that this is in place, what will trigger it, and how to turn it off.

It will ONLY be triggered if you are, and you know you are, illegally doing any of the above things.

If you don't know you are doing it, it will not trigger. I chose to err on the side of giving some people the benefit of the doubt.

But once it triggers, the only way to disable it is to correct the situation. Stop pirating my subs, ,pay for or delete what you have pirated, and otherwise un-do your actions.

If you are so dumb as to upload my subs to a server where they are then shared to millions, or something equally stupid, I have instructed your own subconscious mind to inform you of what to do to turn it off in that case.

So again... don't be stupid. Don't pirate my subs. You've been warned.

For those of you who have a legal copy, thank you for paying for your copy and abiding by the law. You will not be affected at all.

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