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Title: My Natural Grounding Story
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I've decided to share my experiences of Natural Grounding and how my life was impacted once discovering the inner secret we all have. 

For those of you who are still on this path and decided not to give up despite the countless reports of it's ineffectiveness..i would like to say: you stubborn rock, good job  Cool

I will try my best to organize everything chronologically, so bear  with me.

Highschool Year 2012: still never had a gf, loneliness, upset, confused, search pua forms for tips, but they all gave me useless psychological tactics, That only made me look like a fake. 

Summer  year 2013  went on family vacation to the Bahamas, just ending the semester thinking why can't i attract the girls that i like.. "god/universe just help me". Upon arrival, we unpacked and start exploring the tourist areas...
Saw a very cute local but didn't know how to approach, started overthinking it, approach anxiety, etc.

Go back to hotel room
I'm reading pua articles online and coincidently discovered a forum member talking about Natural Grounding. It sounded  very weird but i was thinking hey i have nothing else to lose. 

First video i saw was called "The Secret of Women" and after watching like 3times i felt this pulling feeling in my solar plexus area. The best way to describe the sensation was like a strong mountain with a relaxed yet solid presence. I shed a tear and said, "wtf..hahaha"  it was weird but when i left the hotel room 30min later... nothing happened no results as it said it would do... so being as skeptical as i was i just said, that was useless..


The next day, i went to get breakfast and to buy a shirt at the local shop.
Walking on the pier i felt so calm and connected to everything. I walked into the shop and two girls walked up to me,
Girl 1: "Hey~ you know you are pretty cute right?"
Girl 2 : "Yeah, want to party at our place tonight...without clothes?" 

*you remember, ive never had women approach me like this before, so i can barely come up with something to say (but surprisingly im not nervous).

Me: "uhh, yOu say THat tO eVery guy?"

Girl:"no, just you *winks*" 

Since i am so confused on whats going on and can't process this as a reality. I just pretend i got a phone call and left the shop.

Instantly, i go back to the drawing board and start thinking" fuuuuu, did natural grounding do this?? No way."

So fastfoward to the first semester of my new college life. I try natural grounding out for like 2-4 weeks (right before i go to the weekly dorm parties or hangouts and women literally started pursuing me. This one Halloween house party, everyone was dressed up. 3 different women used the same pick up line on me. It was definitely a reality shock.

Hot vampire chick: "Heyy lets take a picturee, omg how do we look? Here let me send you the picture..whats your #?"

Sexy Nurse: can we take a photo, wow it turned out well, whats ur # so i can send it to you"

3rd girl idk what she was for Halloween but she was really cute: "lets take photo,yada yada, #? Cool see you Wink

Each invited me back to their place a few days later  to help them with the tv or studying.. because, you know, education is important   Sleep

I felt like a King, but that was my problem. My ego was growing bigger from the all of the sudden success and then interestingly the more egotistical i became the less of an effect ng had to the point. Where i desperately tried to make it work like it use too but i couldn't no matter how hard or long i tried.. eventually i became bitter towards the practice as a whole and gave up on it.. 

Fast forward to 2019-2020: i had a gf all of college but it i wasn't grounding for that whole 4 year time period. My energy and mindset was a lot better than it was in highschool. eventually we broke up because we would fight over the smallest things and we both tried to fix our communication but it just didn't work out for us. The last year, i decided to study abroad in Barcelona.

This is were it really gets crazy.

I don't know if the natural energies of the locals manifested ng for me to accidentally "find" but when i went to study in this city, the women had this similar feeling to those women in the Bahamas. Same energy, i felt when i would meet a new woman after grounding, first year college.

So i decided to start grounding again but in this more natural environment.
I remembered this time not to desperately want results like last time so now my motto while grounding i would just focus on being happy no matter what happens, with or without a woman, just being content with who you are right now and not looking for an end result. And you know what, ive felt so much happier and it showed.

I'm wearing pajamas to a house party, (because my friend dragged me there) i looked like a trash can, and the hottest woman in the room is laying next to me rubbing my chest saying things like: 

"when can we leave here, i want to make your toes curl."

Another time, i'm in this irish pub called george payne. My friends and i love playing their beer pong tournament. My opponent downed all 10 of my cups and i have to drink all of it. Suddenly, i have to go to the bathroom, but before i do, this one woman i've kissed once, stops me, and ask if she can come into the bathroom with me for some quick chicken head lol. I say no but tell her she can grab me after my friends finish the tournament.

One friday, night it was friends birthday party and we all went to this really fun club called, Pacha. My birthday friend  introduced me to all her friends and they were just swarming me. I felt like a supermodel at a bar surrounded by a legion of men. I could just be my self happy, no matter if they loved me or hated me. We are in the vip section that is slightly elevated for the rest of the club to see. And there was a lot of beautiful women out that night
 One of the friends, takes this opportunity to jump on me and grind on me..on the main spotlight sofa for the whole club to see. She was turning herself on even more while i just sat back enjoying it doing nothing. She starts asking me to kiss her. 

My favorite:
my classmate saw me eating lunch and joined me, she was behaving so sweet, cute, and shy. We went to the dance studio, (as a choreographer, i just love freestyle dancing), she wanted my to teach her some moves. The studio had open windows with one mirror between the windows as a blind spot .. suddenly her shyness disappeared.. and she had me where she wanted me. She pushed me up against the blind spot and start kissing my neck..she locks the door.. and without a word just start undoing my zipper.

NG is very powerful but the success rate is low. Mainly because the majority are goal oriented and trying to get results. This shows the subconscious you dont have which just causes another suffer circle of desire and despair. Something i was stuck on for awhile.. Rion, the founder of this practice, did a great job discovering it but his explanation of its further applications or philosophical dynamics were not connecting with me. Almost like he discovered fire, but  tried to teach the tribesmen how to apply it to your foot. Eventually, i read all of his methodologies and got lost on the getting results hopefully by grounding more, despair cycle i metioned earlier. I dont think grounding more equals success. 

I think what finally helped me was not focusing on success but rather my internal gratitude and what i am now is already enough

This is why if you are trying to get, or achieve any type of success or result of women... no matter if its through, Law of Attraction, NG, PUA, etc. You will just push yourself further away from it. Let go of wanting, and just be aware that you are good enough no matter if you choose to do NG or not.
Thanks for this!! Great to read. It's hard finding current info and actual accounts of guys doing NG now. Seemed like it faded from the internet years ago. I hope you keep posting your experiences and sharing your insights. Very valuable.

Man...some of those stories are incredible.

This is the journal section. For subliminal programs. Your one-time post belongs into the chatterbox.
Next time I'm dreaming
I'll remember I'm dreaming.
It's not subliminal related. I'll move this to the chatter box.

Could you share your NG video here? I would like to try NG, it seems not easy to find video in YouTube. Somehow the video quality is not good

(02-04-2020, 03:30 PM)Renai_Man Wrote: @No.named.chief.

Could you share your NG video here? I would like to try NG, it seems not easy to find video in YouTube. Somehow the video quality is not good


Here you go, 




Also look up "Aegyo Battles" for years between 2013-2020 should have more hd clips there

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