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Title: Mind altering substances and subliminals
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I was wondering if we can compare what the effects are of different substances on subliminals,
Do you get epiphanies while high on weed for example
or Does MDMA react differently while on a specific sub?

these are just example questions but you get the gist.

for me I didn't smoke weed for 9 months and I had a joint 3 days in a row. I noticed that I was more chill and less paranoid then before 9 months and I can surrender more to the feeling
I also noticed that it wears of faster then other people I smoked with, like after an hour I am way less high.
(I am on LTU5 coming on to 3 months btw) weed type: silver haze, 17,5% THC & 1,5 % CBD
I noticed I had some epiphanies while being high, for example while others were almost falling asleep in the sun I was cleaning the house and actually enjoyed it, also I had some thoughts on motivation, what I want to do etc.
also it was easier to do visualisation while high.

same thing I haven't had alcohol in 8 months and notice I felt it earlier(probably low tolerance) but I kept a quite clear state of mind and could relax quite well. 
effect on subliminal: nothing I can see or notice but I do think it is more detrimental then weed.

now I don't know how Benjamin thinks about a thread like this, so I might have to delete this thread.
but I do think it would be good to talk about this as we are getting into uncharted territories with subs, and if somebody on acid for example has bad trips every time and before doing subs it was all good trips then we can learn about that for harm reduction.



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