Poll: Which of these fits your results on dmsi (3.1 is latest version)
I didn't get laid with women before dmsi and I still don't after using dmsi
I didn't get laid with a female before dmsi but after using it I got laid 1 or a few times with women I am attracted too
I didn't get laid before using dmsi but after using it I get laid whenever I want with women I am attracted to
I got laid before using dmsi and after using it I get laid about the same with no change in anyway shape or form to my lay frequency
I got laid before dmsi but after using it I got laid a lot more with women I am attracted to
I didn't get laid before dmsi but after using it I got laid with 1 or few women I am not attracted to
I didn't get laid before dmsi but after using it I get laid a lot more with women I am not attracted to
I got laid before using dmsi but after using it I got laid a lot more with women I am not attracted to
I got laid before using dmsi but after using it I get laid a lot less
I got laid before using dmsi but after using it I don't get laid anymore.
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DMSI results poll
12-08-2017, 01:43 AM (This post was last modified: 12-08-2017 02:11 AM by CatMan.)
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RE: DMSI results poll
Samba, the reason, as I've often stated now, why I don't think V3.4 will be the final is because it still seems like too much of a gap to close in such a short time to be realistic given how most are performing with it. Doesn't seem realistic to expect that of the program or Shannon, so I'm just managing expectations. That's it, nothing to do with my personal experience with women as that's irrelevant to expecting so much in 3 versions from Shannon. Just thinking it's too much to ask for in 3 versions given that I'm on my 6th version personally and will be 7th with V3.2, have ran DMSI/AOSI since July 13, 2016, and still not blown away by this program. Maybe V3.2 can be a giant step forward and V3.4 will be final, but I choose at this point to be more realistic and understand that it's probably going to be longer than that. I guess I'm long past the hype phase we all had for the program long ago.

Determined, I've often said guys who were better with women better executed as well, yes. Put them both in a Porsche or a Caraceni suit (my favourite suit), and the experienced guy will do better. It makes sense they would do so, obviously. That isn't an endorsement of the program of course, it's of the guys themselves. They were fortunate to be much further along, and/or have way less painful trauma to get past when they listened. Good for them, that's great, must be nice. So like Swisston, as him and I have been deemed "the resistors", we have both reported in a dedicated manner (I know I've taken massive criticism for some reason for simply doing my job as a tester which has been extremely irritating to me and turned me off posting for a long time, seems being honest and truthful about your experience on the program is frowned upon unless it's "good"), even if it's "negative". Although even he seemingly got tired of the extreme time in between releases and went off to another sub. I stayed on in the hopes of breaking through or at least some C&H benefit or useful testing feedback. And of a loyalty/responsibility/sense of obligation to the program, and the fact the skeleton script is being made through this for 6G. So I feel I personally, being a "resister", have no choice but to stay on this to address my "issues" so even if this never works for me, 6G might someday. No other program motivates me anyway, my women issues are why I came here years ago, so it isn't a big hardship to soldier through this program in the hopes of a payoff someday down the road.

So one guy, this "awesomeDMSI" new poster who then vanished and hasn't been on for a month, overrules all other people in this poll and all other testers who have diligently reported all along version after version after version for well over a year and beyond? And him learning PUA stuff etc. are other variables that influenced his success then, we don't know how much DMSI truly contributed if so. I've spent a fortune on PUA and it did nothing for me before subs, just came across as surface level "fake it until you make it somehow" stuff that never seemed genuine or effective. Seems like an industry to cash in on guy's failures and insecurities, always inventing new rehashed "products" or "courses" or "routines/sets" to sell while playing off guy's issues. They're great salesmen, I'll give them that, I haven't been impressed by many of them in person, where I've done one-on-one coaching because I could afford it. Paper tigers, trust me, nowhere near as much presence as they appear to have, one world famous one in particular I was very disappointed how weak he came across as in person. Personas scripted to hit guy's insecurities, and then cash in off them. I see it clearly probably because I'm a businessman who knows how to speak to a customer I'm looking for. I left that behind to try subs, to be honest, out of desperation.

Mones too, been there done that and have a ton of those and haven't used them since V3.1 started because of the phero optimiser Shannon wanted tested in it. So I've hardly done what you often claim about people "doing nothing and expecting subs to do it for you". Even though that's exactly what the sub is supposed to do, mind you. I'm a beast socially, the 3 women who know I'm a virgin still don't believe me and joke it's a line to this day, lol. Tons of models, really hot Hooters Girls, beauty queens, even celebs in my sphere. I'm probably best suited to see this thing work, it'd be epic!

I've built a life I'm very proud of, except I still have lingering women issues from long ago. My issues are past trauma and a belief from it all of me not being good enough to attract women, long before I became a very successful businessman in life, carried on a long time. Once that's gone, I'll be able to pick up the pieces at last immediately. I'm not the stereotypical introvert virgin obese 1/10 that expects prime teen Jessica Alba by merely listening to a stream or a wave mind you, LMAO Tongue. Plus, given how long the program has under performed for, how many people have struggled to see anything tangible, I don't put too much stock in one single guy going on about how amazing it is out of nowhere then vanishing. Especially since he spoke of learning PUA stuff, so it's unknown now about what variable has really made the difference. Try one thing at a time, as Shannon always says, so you know what's working and what isn't. And one person to me doesn't outweigh all the others. Plus the guy alluded to having success with women BEFORE DMSI, so he still then falls into the group of getting sex with women BEFORE the sub if so. Regardless, his "results" maybe someday will be the norm, obviously it isn't now. Samba used to do that a lot, then he turned and went 180 and started saying the program didn't work for him. Regardless, this is the problem, when people want to find "good" stuff to support the program currently and disqualify all the people on it struggling to see results for some reason to defend the program like it's a personal affront, they grasps at straws. "Well there was that one guy...or there was this poster awhile ago...". Kinda proves my point that there's very little good press for it, and that the overwhelming majority have little to no success currently. Which is fine, it's still obviously not done, but to invalidate the crushing majority of people *actually reporting* in favour of one guy reporting and vanishing while singing PUA's praise alongside it muddying the view of whether or not it was even DMSI that did it for him, and all these alleged phantom executers that haven't ever posted but somehow it's known they're getting full design goal off somewhere...seems backwards to me. I know negative posts are hated, I've taken huge criticism for simply reporting my experience on the sub as requested as a tester, I know everyone wants the program to work and hates the idea it doesn't, but the only way we will get there is not living in denial and reporting honestly about what works and what doesn't.

As I said earlier, it's okay to admit it doesn't work for the crushing majority now, we all know that anyway. In time maybe the results all the phantom executers are getting, will be the norm. I continue to support and test the program and give feedback however I can, to help make that a reality.
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12-08-2017, 02:08 AM
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RE: DMSI results poll
That awesomeDMSI was just one of the top of my head. When I ran DMSI I executed instantly which is how I know it works. I've realised I may have been insensitive in my comments regarding the plight of others.

Just looked up a caraceni suit, not my style but they look good none the less. They echo the older double breasted style. The power suit of the 80's

I admire your commitment but keeping an eye on the prize, if healing and clearing are your goal, then wouldn't it be wise to use other means as well?
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12-08-2017, 02:24 AM (This post was last modified: 12-08-2017 04:45 AM by CatMan.)
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RE: DMSI results poll
For sure bro. I know you were generally inactive really from your account start date for a long time, so a lot of stuff has been missed from then to the point you were active at a minimum.

Oh yeah, they're old school style. Royals and big movie stars wear them, especially from the golden days of Hollywood. There are a couple forms though from the family, they splintered a bit, so there's a slight difference in their approach. I love them though, very distinct, especially now. Which is why I used the reference, they stand out a lot. Brioni is good too though.

Well Shannon always advises one method at a time. Since I've tried weird Hypnosis stuff in the past, PUA, mones, and came here to subs banking on these and there's little else left to experiment with lol, I will heed that and stick to them only. This seems to be the best chance for leaving the past where it belongs, because it's being "actively" upgraded over time. Seems my best chance is with it, so I stick to it with fervour, as I've done to everything in my life I've wanted to do. I have planned to stick to this program until I get sick of executing full design goal with girls around me, or until Shannon exhausts all avenues and closes the program. That gives me the best chance for DMSI success, as well as the best chance for 6G programs as the skeleton script is being built through this program. So it's the best bet for me I feel, to get my "issues" handled through it and/or the skeleton script/6G over time.
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12-08-2017, 03:01 AM
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RE: DMSI results poll
Haha you got it the other way around. I did DMSI for two days then switched to MLS which is giving me killer results. Women are quite low on my list of priorities right now.

They're a good look just out dated fashion wise. If you're an older gent (which I presume you are) you'd be able to pull it off well.

Self forgiveness and self acceptance are fundamental to healing. They can both be done much faster outside of DMSI if focused on specifically.
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12-08-2017, 04:19 AM (This post was last modified: 12-08-2017 04:20 AM by CatMan.)
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RE: DMSI results poll
Yeah, they're distinct and have the old school style I enjoy. Reminds me of the old school masculinity thing I've felt lacking in things now in society. So they really resonate with me. To each their own.

I love the idea of clearing and healing in DMSI *specifically focused* on sex/attraction/etc. and dealing with old beliefs, traumas. It's tailor made for me in that regard, even aside from the supposed "aura"/"manifestation" stuff. And again, the skeleton script is being built through this program. So for the sake of my future success with 6G, it makes sense for me to use this program and report and help flesh it out to deal with my issues. Not just for DMSI success, but 6G success in the future.

Hopefully, it can deliver on it's goal. In my situation with the kinds of women around me, it would be insanely life changing if it can! We'll see.
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12-08-2017, 09:10 AM
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RE: DMSI results poll
I'm going to edit the title of this poll to reflect that it represents V3.1 and before.

Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

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12-10-2017, 12:51 AM
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RE: DMSI results poll
"I got laid before dmsi but after using it I got laid a lot more with women I am attracted to*"

If I run the program for a few loops, the results are almost immediately back.


"The true is the whole." Hegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, 1807
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