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To The Next Level: DMSI 3.3
01-07-2019, 06:08 AM
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To The Next Level: DMSI 3.3
Just joined the fray last night. Last year was big for me in terms of women. Big improvement in results compared to the year prior. I managed to up the quantity and quality of my lays and I achieved a level of consistency that I am happy with. In the second half of the year I became really adept at going for the first date lay. It came to the point where if I go on a date with a girl, I feel confident I'd get laid that day.

I want to make it even better this year. I don't particularly need more quantity of lays but I want better quality and higher rate of retention.

Day 1

The past week was a mess as the effects of MLS wore off. Under MLS, whatever bad thing happened or mistake I made, I gain satisfaction from them because I learn something new. Now that I no longer have this, I feel an increased emotional sensitivity to bad stuff. I was swimming in angst for the past 2 days.

Not much effects observed on day 1.
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01-12-2019, 06:26 PM
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RE: To The Next Level: DMSI 3.3
Day 3

I became really really interested in intermittent fasting. Spent the whole day reading up on it and planning my meal times. I recently bought a sous vide precision cooker and I’ll be using it everyday to prep my own meals, from next week onwards. I will finally get serious in tracking my macros and eating the proper amount I am supposed to eat. I am trying to bulk up and gain muscle, I have worked out my macros but to my embarrassment I haven’t really been following it properly. I’ve known for a while that my slow gains is totally because I am not eating enough and I will have to prepare my own meals eventually. From next week onwards things will be different. I will also start doing intermittent fasting at the same time so I’ll practically be eating a lot of food in a short time window. It will be challenging. I hope it will speed up my muscle gains and my body will change for the better.

Day 4


Matched with this dancer chick yesterday. 24 years old, contemporary dancer, very flexible, tall with long legs. I am a dancer too so we have a common topic. I arranged a meetup and it turned out she’s only on holiday here and the day after (today) would be her last day, she’d fly off at night. I suggested an afternoon date and she surprisingly agreed.

Met her and she had an eerie resemblance to my ex. It is the ex that I wrote about at the start of my DMSI 3.1 journal, the one who left me in 2016 and sparked my journey of self improvement. I have fully healed from that but it feels weird to be with someone who looks just like her. She’s much taller than my ex and her body is hotter, but her face is really similar. They could be twins. She also gives the vibe of someone who's friendly but doesn't let people in easily, just like my ex. It threw me for a loop.

After I recovered things proceeded as per normal. She was giving off a conservative vibe and not being sexual, I felt like it might not go anywhere but once I started talking about sexual topics she responded nicely. Qualified her as usual and once the mood is right I wasted no time and pulled her to a hotel. She turned out to be quite a wild animal. There was this move she did at the end where she was doing the splits while riding me as I came. Jesus, just thinking about it gives me a boner now. I haven’t been this sexually satisfied for a long time. It's like being with an upgraded version of my ex, with better body and sex drive Tongue

I noticed that the sex was different from my usual sex. I was in no rush and really took the time to savour her body. I was more sensual and at the same time more animalistic. After the good sex I felt so much satisfaction I was grinning from ear to ear. I enjoy sex a lot more than when I was on MLS.

I had another date at night after that but I already felt satiated. She was also another dancer, quite attractive objectively but somehow not appealing to me. Too skinny. One thing I noted while on DMSI 3.2 is I really found it hard to go after girls I wasn’t viscerally attracted to. I feel it in this version too. On MLS I would just go for it for the experience, but not on DMSI. Just ended it after dinner.

Good start to DMSI 3.3D. It’s not the fact that I got laid, I already have the game to get laid without DMSI, but it’s more intense than usual. Too early to tell, we’ll see.

Day 5

The girl’s been texting me the whole day. My mood is good so I’ve been replying her, even though I’m allergic to this much texting so early. Really good sex gives me a special kind of happiness, my mood was high throughout the day. She felt it too and we talked about it, also talked about next time she visits my country or I go to hers.

Day 6
This is crazy. We just booked a trip to a nearby island a month from now. A month is a long time, a lot of things can happen and my long term text game isn't superb. I prefer not texting at all. She's been texting me raunchy stuff non stop. We'll see how long this lasts.
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01-14-2019, 07:52 PM
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RE: To The Next Level: DMSI 3.3
Day 7

Second day of my first break.

My main date came over. Things have been rocky between us for the past two weeks or so. By rocky I don't mean we're fighting, but the attraction has just been waning. We've been together for over ten months now. I was going to see whether I want to continue staying with her today. I was prepared for an argument.

However when she came over, it's like the negative tension of the past two weeks never happened. Things were good as usual and there was a lot of attraction between us. We cooked some steaks and then had fun after. I bought a new toy, a pair of handcuffs. She was game to try it and even tried it on me as well. Didn't really enjoy that one, but I loved it when I used it on her. Sex was good and intense. At the end of the day I sent her back home which I never do. She was so touched it was funny.

Somehow the interaction with her today felt more natural than usual when I was on MLS and wearing various pheromones. I first met her on DMSI 3.2 and today felt like the first few months of dating again.

Day 8

Back on 5 loops of ultrasonic at night.

Had two dates today. One is early evening with an art student. She turned out to be uglier than her photo and I was honestly turned off. I found it really hard to be interested in what she was saying when I wasn't attracted to her. On top of that, she was a real degenerate as most art students are. Plus, she turned out to be asexual as well. I felt such anger at her and I had to stop myself from saying mean things. Just left after an hour.

After that fiasco I was really hoping that the next date would be more attractive. Thankfully she was! 18-year-old Indian, 178cm tall (5'10"), slim with sharp features, speaks with an American accent. Quite an exotic creature. I brought her for drinks. Easy conversation. I was amusing myself with her youth. She was clearly attracted to me, saying stuff like "you're obviously a good looking dude, I bet you can get any girl, so why are you on tinder?" She had some self esteem issues, as most attractive girls do, which I poked fun at. She was very physically comfortable. I usually don't physically escalate anymore, but tonight I wanted to and she was game. She got so turned on when I started touching and kissing her. I pulled her to a nearby hotel with no resistance.

However in the hotel she put up a heavy LMR. She doesn't do it on the first date, it's not like her etc etc. I was a little turned off and just answered her lazily and escalated a little. This went on for a good half an hour. I was just about to lose my patience and leave when she came around. She turned off the lights and we got it on. By this time I wasn't so horny anymore. She was also doing it in a reserved and guilty manner so the sex, even though it was intense, wasn't so satisfying. Certainly a far cry from the one I had last week with the dancer chick. She was aware of it and apologized to me about her behavior. I'm not sure if I want to see her again. She's quite attractive physically but that experience was quite a turn off.

Again I observe on DMSI that the way I think becomes "I hope I'm happy with the girl" rather than "I hope she's happy with me". It feels very natural, like as if I've been this way all along.
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01-17-2019, 07:22 AM
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RE: To The Next Level: DMSI 3.3
Day 9
Met a girl I matched on Coffee Meets Bagel. She was different from her picture but in a good way. Conversation wasn't very comfortable for me because she wasn't very reactive and somehow she put me on edge. I tried to rein it in and got into a somewhat decent conversation during dinner. Walked to the park but she was very resistant to any sexual topics and eventually I found out she was a virgin and quite asexual. I lost all interest by that point and ended the date promptly. Quite hard to believe there's a 24-year-old virgin on paper but my country is a conservative Asian country and CMB is a more conservative online dating app. In fact the first 4 girls I met from the app last year were all virgins. I have only ever laid one chick from it, who eventually became my main date now. From now on I need to screen extra hard on CMB.

Day 10
Confirmed a date with a girl and also asked out the 18-year-old Indian girl. I used to feel some anxiety when asking girls out, and when they don't want to come out I'd feel "dang it". I only really noticed it now because today I didn't feel any anxiety around asking them out. I felt like if they don’t bite I won't really care, I have no shortage of tasks to do if I don't meet girls. Come to think of it, I should set some days just for myself.

In the afternoon while napping I wondered about why I seem to get taller girls these days. In the second half of last year all I got was short girls <160cm (5'3") and while I do love short girls too, I actually prefer taller girls. With a short girl, she'd be cute and easy to handle but sometimes I feel there's not enough of her. I reflected on my encounters with the dancer chick and the 18-year-old Indian. I imagined their bodies and I felt a strange sensation emanating from my solar plexus, like an invisible heat. It fills my body for a few seconds and I felt it unlocked something. I had an erection. I realized that I might have been afraid of truly expressing my love and passion for girls and held back because I was afraid of getting hurt. Even when having sex with them I'd do it in a technical way to hit her spots and assert my dominance, not really in a way to savor her. Maybe the way forward is to love and ravish women without fear. When a woman rejects me, I really don't care. I've read about these ideas for some time (loving women without fear etc), but with some concepts it's hard to internalize them until you eventually come to them on your own.

People have reported feeling heat or morphine drip etc with various subs but this is the first time something of that sort happened with me. FRM's work?
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