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Shannon's Journal Discussion Volume 3
Yesterday, 09:48 PM
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RE: Shannon's Journal Discussion Volume 3
(Yesterday 09:31 PM)Mr. Anderson Wrote:  
(Yesterday 09:09 PM)thor2014 Wrote:  
(Yesterday 12:05 PM)SargeMaximus Wrote:  Not the looks argument again.

Bro I’m looking better than I have in my life and women don’t approach me as much anymore. My grooming is better than ever and same deal. Also, I can tell you that after a short convo with a girl it’s obvious my verbals are a major turn off. This despite everyone telling me I’m an 8 and when I got laid everyone said it was my looks lol. It’s not, verbals play a huge part. Probably 80%+

EDIT: Although I should add that there is those instances where the girl just likes you so much she ignores all the shitty verbals and whatever and I believe that's what we are trying to get to in DMSI. But till then, I truly believe verbals rule the day.

I even know a guy from work who says he knows a guy who is butt ugly and pulls like nothing so yeah. I've also personally seen more than a few hot hot HOT girls with fat or ugly guys while on DMSI. Kissing each other sometimes too. So yeah.

WinkWink yup another argument on looks and how PUA is trash v PUA and game is all you need to pull hot girls Wink

As far I got it he wasn't even talking about PUA but about conversation/social skills in general. I can very much identify with what he said because women seem attracted to me but as far I open my mouth - game over.

Yeah exactly.

Although if we wanna bring up PUA, I'll say that recently, unless I'm running PUA tactics, women don't even respond to me. I got my first ioi in a LONG time today using a PUA tactic. Controlled, calculated, and not at all natural, but I forced myself to do it and right on queue: ioi.

No unsolicited advice please. Thank you.
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Yesterday, 10:39 PM
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RE: Shannon's Journal Discussion Volume 3
I am going to create a thread in the Chatter section. As I dont think the moderators would appreciate members starting a war in this thread on looks v game Smile
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