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DMSI V3.2 B 5.5G Shadow's Awesome Journal
04-29-2018, 08:23 PM
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RE: DMSI V3.2 A Shadow's Awesome Journal

Been rocking the A version with increased healing clearing. It has helped even though my aura is much weaker on a a lot of my issues are clearing up than on B. Me and dancer girl continue to get closer started working out in the gym. She even went so far as taking me out for lunch. Although nothing physically has happened with her what she dose is constantly falls asleep cause of her work setup. So what's she,s doing is falling asleep all the time with me around her holding in a way that I do something but at the same time could say that she didn't cheat on nobody cause She was sleep. This time I had more time so I did some light Kino and esculated things much further that I normally go. So of think what's going to happen she going to quot let her guard down enough ether by sleeping, napping up next to me that something is going to happen and thanks to the sub I felt like I could exculate a lot further with much less fear than I had been. My other friends with benifets as useful get way more attacte6 to me, wanting to chat in the phone all the time ,leaving thing at my house so they can come back more and of course buying me stuff even more than they had been. Same with dancer girl we ae constantly on the phone chatting. Things seem to be heading forward
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05-08-2018, 02:29 PM
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RE: DMSI V3.2 5.5G Shadow's Awesome Journal
Day 45 Version A

Things have been advancing slowly with the increased healing. I could be like nothing is happening but the truth be told lots of powerful changes are far as inner game things. Fear way down, eye contact up, just in general very strong presence and a lot less being intimidated by anyone. Also a lot my issues that I've had for years are getting cleared up. Over in the process of being a much stronger me much more mature. Of course I can't wait for 3.4 as I would like to see more of affect on the affected but like Shannon said not through manipulation but by persuasion. If they make that choice it should have a very strong effect on them. Until this is moving forward.
On the girl side of things I been seeing most results if you can call it that with girls in my social circle or workplace. The longer I'm around them the more effect the aura has on them. Been working on dancer for a long while and what's been happen over time even though she has a man he's bad news for her and has a history of bad choices with men. So she likes and with this new sub has been spending a lot more time around me pointing out to me her man sucks and his issues. Clearly trying to trade up there is a part of there that still wants to be with old boy friend which is fine. But as things continue it becoming clear that whether she has a man or not she spends most of her time with me. So something bound to happen. My other benefits friend been like extra nice buying me stuff that most of time don't ordinary get which is cool. Announcement girl is very insecure and is trying to buy my affection so I will be just with her. That's never going to happen and part of her knows that. She knows how I feel about being in a one on one relationship. Other thing I've noticed is old flings crushes or girls that used to like me have popped up more. One exercise girl that I wanted to have sex with for so long started showing up at the gym. And now she likes all my pages clearly trying to get my attention. She could be trouble. I am thinking about trying B again see how that works after all this healing maybe well see how this goes.
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05-13-2018, 03:50 PM (This post was last modified: 05-13-2018 04:14 PM by Shadow2200.)
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RE: DMSI V3.2 B 5.5G Shadow's Awesome Journal
Day 50 Version B

Switched Back to B again. I was have been making serious gains on version A with all the healing and clearing and getting over my issues. That was good stuff. The self effects on A are a lot stronger the effects on others is less so as the aura is weaker it dose however get over my problems some of which I've had for a long time or really ever knew there where so.
I listen to it today before my weekly meeting today little difference for the most part today until after. I was riding with dancer and she had to take her daughter to cash her check her daughter had to use the restroom and there was no where for her to go anywhere close. So she decided to since she was giving me a ride home she would stop by my place so her daughters kid could use the bathroom. Which seems like that was a little deal. However me and dancer had joked about that same thing coming up, Because she had boyfriend and all she has been resistant to coming to each others house or anything because how that might look or what might happen. So to say the least I was shocked when she suggested that she stop by my place to let the kid use the bathroom. Plus I got a hug after so that was good. I have been spending more time with her as things with her boyfriend are not working out so well. She was been suggesting doing a lot of things little get together more often and staying in contact more texting calling. As well as my other friends with benefits. DMSI has differently increased all the connections I have with everyone that's close to me. Whether it be liking all my photos on facebook etc trying to get my attentions.
With all the healing and clearing with version A I feel a lot stronger than the first time I ran Version B well see if this time I'm able to execute more than I did the last time.
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05-23-2018, 02:44 PM
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RE: DMSI V3.2 B 5.5G Shadow's Awesome Journal
Day 60 verison B 8 loops

I went back to B cause i thought i might seem more an effect form the aura. Turns out to be about the same. I was getting some break throughs with A with inner stuff. In 5 days probably switch back to A. The funny thing is when i switched to B at first all was well me and dancer seemed to get closer. On B had a lot less time for people taking advantage of me. I felt after helping her out she was ignoring me so got in a big fight over it. Now although dancer and me have lost alot of closness were stil some what friends. Things are way different in how close we were. If it continues like this i,ll have to completely move on. Hopefully things can be fixed
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05-30-2018, 03:28 PM (This post was last modified: 05-31-2018 06:18 PM by Shadow2200.)
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RE: DMSI V3.2 B 5.5G Shadow's Awesome Journal
Day 67 version a (8 loops)

Switched back to A again. Judt much easier to run than B. Have made up with dancer kind of. Were still getting back to the point before the fight. At least things going in the right direction hopfully. Thing were rolling good on A switched to B had a massive fight kinda of wrecked things. With the increased assertiveness i let her know how ifelt on some thinking which was good just kinda handled it in bad way. Much more laid back and easy going on A. Dancer has been taking most of my attension for the group of girls in my social circle. My friends with benefits announcement girl very jealous of dancer and i,ve been getting into it with her all the time. I had to let her know that even though dancer and i will always be friends she can,t stand her at all and how close we,ve become it,s funny cause dancer totally pays her no attension.
Although me and dancer have yet to be intimate or anything everyone else thinks ether we,re going together or have had sex. I was opening with these new generations of dmsi thing can move to a physical level. Granted i hzve othrr girls i,m sleeping with been working on her quite a while with very little physically to show for it. Hopdfully 3.3 can push me over the top
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Today, 01:05 PM
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RE: DMSI V3.2 B 5.5G Shadow's Awesome Journal
Been doing loops and loops of version A has helped alot with my internal stuff. Nothing external to right home about now. Thing my dancer friend is kind of like a game of chicken. As of this moment we not tslking and i seem to be low importance . Shebeen changing plans and not communicating them to me till the last moment. Her fsmily is in town so i wanted her to be supportive to them and family time. In thr mean tkme it,s like a total shut down on her in. And of cpurse i called her on it. Snd now we fighting. Basicly trying to see who will brea
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