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Title: Maximum Healing Speed | MHS v2 (5.75G) - Pine's Journal
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Male, late twenties, 71kg/177cm

Today (22/12/21), I purchased the MHSv2 program and began my first cycle. When it comes to health, spending money on subliminal audio definitely isn't my first go-to. However, I have been suffering from the disease for quite a while now. After being to doctors and trying different types of methods to cure myself, I am at a point where I'm willing to try something like this. 

After repeatedly being put on antibiotics as a child, I developed mild yeast overgrowth problems (eg. my breath and sweat would sometimes stink, I would have trouble concentrating, I would feel tired, and I developed mild seborrhoeic dermatitis which is a chronic skin disorder on the face and scalp). However, they were far from unmanageable and I didn't even categorize them as "yeast overgrowth" issues per-se, it was just how things were for me. These symptoms got a lot worse after sex with a girl who was (in hindsight) clearly carrying something. My guess is that she had a serious yeast infection going on; which, in turn, made my symptoms a lot worse. It makes sense considering her breath had smelled "funny" and her other parts as well.

Without going into more detail, I'll just say that I felt very off coming home after that night. All of my symptoms of being unable to focus or being tired increased two or maybe three-fold in a very short period of time.

That was roughly 4 years ago. My current symptoms are: frequent chills in the upper part of my back, cold hands, trouble focusing, fatigue, feeling terrible after eating high carb meals (wheat, sugars, etc.) The seborrhoeic dermatitis is still here and it is quite manageable as long as I'm sticking to a diet low-carb. It is perhaps the most tangible symptom I have so it will be interesting to see what kind of effect the MHS has had on it.

I used to be into bodybuilding and I was able to squat 150kg for two reps at 80kg bodyweight before this incident. Not elite level by any means but I feel like it's a respectable number and a good reference point for my physical state before the incident. Having not touched weights for 4 years, it would be really nice to have my body come back to a point where I can exercise again. Needless to say, I don't think I would be able to pull off a 50kg squat in my current state.

As an experiment, I have added a photo of my scarred index finger. The bottom scar is almost invisible and I don't care about it but it will be interesting to see if the subliminal has an effect on it.

Also, I will be adding details such as "no morning wood" or "morning wood" and "intense chills" or "no chills". Personally, I feel like this is a good indicator of my physiological state. Apologies if it appears redundant but this journal is for me as much as it is for the people reading it and I feel like this is important to mention.

So here we go - day 1. I'm doing the 5days 7loops each - 3days off program. 

[Image: 00LxWdl.jpg]
Cycle 1

Day 1
Immediately after starting listening to the subliminal, I felt a change in my state. It could be just the euphoria of trying something new and the hope of getting better. Nevertheless, I felt good from the get-go and it felt like a very subtle warm blanket was covering me. Other than that I didn't notice anything out-of-the-ordinary. Medium morning wood, felt more horny than usual in the morning.

Day 2
I felt more tired than usual during the day. My diet is the same and the workload is not more than I'm usually handling so I'm suspecting it's due to the subliminal. I guess my mind is directing energy towards healing. Not sure what is being worked on at this time though. I felt the chills in my back pretty intensely during the morning. Also, I noticed the urge to go to the bathroom more often. I remember feeling a sense of well-being going to bed at night. I felt good about myself and I felt optimistic about the healing process. No morning wood. Intense chills during the morning.

Day 3
Definitely feel the subtle increase in fatigue. I'm having some issues focusing at work due to fatigue. Nothing unmanageable though. I opted for the 7cycles per day program variant. The instruction state it's for a genetic disease, I opted for it because I've had these issues (in higher or lesser severity) for two decades but I'm starting to second guess if it was a good idea. Also, listening to this for ten and a half hours per day is a bigger commitment than I had originally imagined. Psychologically I'm noticing a change in the way I look at myself. I'm more accepting and loving of who I am. I suspect this is due to the subliminal. Didn't have to go to the bathroom as much today. No morning wood. Nearly no chills.

Day 4
Woke up feeling well-rested after 8+ hours of sleep. The feeling of well-being is still following me and its become more noticeable. It's a feeling of "you're OK and life is good". I don't remember feeling this way before, especially not in recent times. It's a welcome change in my state of mind. I don't remember my dreams but I have flashes of dreaming about and speaking to women. Not in a sexual way, just interacting with them. Consciously, I've been wanting to make genuine connections with women instead of just looking to seduce them. Regretfully, I can't say I've felt like this in a long time. I ended up doing 6 instead of the usual 7 cycles today. Kinda torn between 6 or 7 but since it's clear I can't do 7 consistently, I'll drop it down to 6 times per day, that should be plenty. Had morning wood this morning. Had chills.

Day 5
I've been to the cinema for the first time in several years yesterday. I found the experience to be surprisingly emotionally intense. I almost cried a couple of times and I felt chills up and down my spine in a couple of scenes. Nothing to do with the subliminal, though. My body chemistry feels a bit out of balance and I've had these over-the-top reactions to things such as movies and music for some time now. I'm not a person to get invested in a movie but I couldn't help but respond the way I did. Woke up today feeling more tired as usual - I think it's because of the emotional toll of the movie. Had a dream where a woman told me to start training boxing. The dream was vivid but there's no way I'll be training boxing any time soon. Felt surprisingly good at work as well. The fatigue kind of washed away as the day moved ahead. No morning wood, mild to no chills.

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