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Title: Maximize your Breast Size
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I purchase for my partner this program, i have never talked about subliminals with her until now. I explained her what was it, how it works, and the instructions. She said she doesn't mind to try. I thought it was a good idea for her to believe in subliminals this way seeing that they work.

I bought 3 stages. She is in the day 22 of the first stage, and i can see clearly that they are bigger, as well when i touch them, the are similar as they were when she was pregnant, she notice it too, but she doesn't see it as much as i do.

So, it's working, rather than grow what has happened is that they have been filled, they are more filled and compact.

Her level of english is more less like mine, we can understand and speak english, like intermediate or intermediate high.
They would not be "more filled and compact" if they weren't growing. That's the first stage of growth usually.

She also does not need to "believe in" subliminals for them to work. We have had a few people expose wives and girlfriends without telling them, and the program worked regardless.

I look forward to seeing your further reports!
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