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Title: Magnus DMSI 3.3.2
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So have been on DMSI for 15 days now (3rd day of second cycle).

Bit of background
I've been around subliminal talk for 8.5 years now (does not feel that long) and have been using Shannon's subliminals on and off for that entire time. I Have been through a number of his programs but always struggled with resistance and getting results, I have felt over the last couple of years (especially this year) Shannon's subs have been getting ever so much closer to cracking resistance for me.

Sexual History
I'm a 34 year old male currently a little overweight, have struggled with my weight ever since I was in my teens have been up as high as 40% BF and down as low as 11% BF I'm currently sitting at ~23% BF not super high but not great either (need to get back into the gym and eating right). I'm also not overly tall coming in at 178cm or pretty much 5"10 on the dot.

Sex wise I was a virgin right up until I was 19 as I was super quiet and struggled with speaking to anyone let alone girls I found attractive. I almost lost my virginity at 14 but didn't have the faintest idea what I was doing so it didn't end up happening. My virginity was lost to a girl that was my on and off girlfriend for approximately 9 years and was a very messy relationship and the reason I originally ended up here. I know that I probably still have some hangups around that relationship and hope that DMSI will indirectly work on those as they do hold me back a bit with other girls. 

By the time I was 24 I had still only had sex with that one girl and it was an off period and I knew something needed to change so I went in search of someway to become better with girls and that lead me to PUA and that kind of worked, I ended up sleeping with 7-8 girls that year always when I was drunk and always girls that I woke up next to in the morning instantly filled with regret. After around two to three years of PUA I realized that all PUA was doing was putting a mask over the insecurities that I had and I had been using it as a way to escape from the loneliness that lived inside. It was around this time that I got back with the girl I lost my virginity with and spent about two years with here, she was bisexual (but also a diagnosed bipolar) so ended up having a few threesomes with her and a couple of girls that were quite good looking. After that ended was around the time I started with Subs and really delving deeper into my insecurities and what was holding me back both from sex and from having really meaningful relationships. After that I continued to sleep with usually 3-4 girls a year always while drunk and never girls I was very attracted to.

So while I'm not overly inexperienced the vast majority of my experience has been while drunk and with girls I'm not overly attracted to. It's also been just over a year since I last sleep with a women and that was just a one night stand while I was travelling.

This leads on well to.....

What I am hoping to get from DMSI

I realize that I may need to stick with DMSI for a while to see great results so I have narrowed it down into short, medium and long term

Short term
Would like to just sleep with a girl again to get back on the wagon per say

Medium term
Would like to start sleeping with girls that I find more attractive (7's+)

Long term
Would like to start meeting and sleeping with girls without any alcohol involved (just being able to meet and sleep with them as I go about my day to day). I put this as longer term as there is a bit to work through before it becomes a reality.

Also would like to have girls out right approach me not indirectly but directly

What's Happened so far
So far in the 15 days I have noticed that I am extremely exhausted after running the program but a lot less so on my days off. I've also noticed that I don't see much in terms of results on the days I run the program but have been opened a few times while I was in the bloom period. There has been a slight decrease in desire to watch porn and masturbate but it is at this point still occurring just less so than it used to. I'm yet to notice to much of the celebrity effect yet but that may just take time. I do get very hot while running it, I run it at night and the few times I've woken up while it was running I've been burning up. Im also keeping both my room and car looking pristine.

I'm hoping that this will even out over time and as FRM does it's thing more and more the days I do run I'll become less and less exhausted.

I'm also going to post only a few times a month or when something big happens as in the past I've had a massive tendency to over analysis everything and I'm hoping to let this one run and just do it's thing. Anyway that was way longer than expected.
The only person in life that can ever hold you back is yourself. So get out of your own way and start living the life you always dreamed of
First, congratulations on being at -23% body fat and still being able to breathe and type!  Thumbsup  Roflmao

Second, what you're describing is partial execution, with heavy resistance.  Just keep going, and FRM should do it's thing.
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