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Title: Luck Magnifier
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I started using Luck Magnifier twenty-five days ago. Five days in, I found myself with a ridiculous number of new subs. Big Grin I considered adding in Winner's Mindset, Everything Is Possible, or Ultra Success while using LM, but I settled on Ultra Motivation. I have a continuous loop of the ultrasonic versions playing in my bedroom, with three-hour blocks of LM alternating with three-hour blocks of UM. Usage during the day has heavily favored LM.

Although I've been dreaming some, it's nowhere near the levels of OGSF. On day 8-9 of LM (4-5 of US) I found myself feeling irritable and “prickly.” That passed quickly, and things have been pretty smooth since.

So, there's a woman at work who I see every day, at least in passing, and sometimes up to a half hour or more, depending on my schedule. We usually chat about this and that. But somehow (and I may have initiated the conversation, I don't remember) we started talking about playing the lottery. It turns out that she and her husband play the daily games (Pick 3 and Pick 4.) They use what I would describe as an intuitive method- seeing numbers on license plates, people's birthdays, etc. We began conversing regularly about picking numbers, and betting strategies. I mention this because I believe Shannon said that LM works with whatever you focus on and desire.

So I was punching out one day at work, and suddenly my attention was drawn to my employee ID number. I've worked for this company for years, and twice a day when I punch in or out, and on all my paychecks, I see this number. But this day I experienced what I call the “shock of recognition.” (Over the years, I have tried to understand the difference between a genuine intuition or hunch, and simple imagination. With the intuition, I see something, and it's like getting a shock. Not a physical shock, but similar to if you saw something incongruous, like a turtle climbing a tree. When my attention is attracted in that way, I know something is up. The other way is the “double take.” I notice something, but keep moving. However, something stops me, and I have to take another look. Both of these are very subtle, and easy to miss.) Anyway, I had this “shock of recognition” with my employee ID number. So I played 6579 straight and boxed in the Pick 4 for that day. It came in as 9765 for a $100 payout on a 50-cent box.

[URL=http://[Image: 4f6c1580-fb61-4eff-8a90-e699a9f23c22_zps50451f55.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

Several days later, I walked into an office, and saw a set of keys lying on the desk. On the key ring was a tag with the vehicle number on it. This instance was a double take. I started moving away, and something in me said 'whoa! What are those numbers?' I played some permutations of those numbers, and had a fifty-cent box hit for $40.

In the past, I haven't played the Pick 3 and 4 very much. Fantasy 5 (pick 5 numbers out of 36) is the game I prefer. I don't play often, because I need to feel I have some sort of edge to make a bet. The edge this time was that the number 26 had been out for fifty games. Statistically, any Fantasy 5 number should come up every seven or eight games on average. Something about the timing on this bet seemed right to me. So I used 26 as the key number (If you look at the tickets, you can see number 26 on every line) and used a wheel of fifteen other numbers underneath. I made a three-day advance play, because I wasn't sure the 26 would hit right away. The 26 hit on August 11, the second day of my advance plays. The winning numbers were 12-19-26-29-36. I had the rest of the winning numbers in my group of fifteen. Unfortunately, my wheel only managed to get a maximum of three winning numbers on one line. But I had three out of five on ten lines at a payout of $10 each, for a total of $100 won. The advance play was thirty-one lines times three days' play for a cost of $93. Net profit was only $7, plus a bunch of free tickets. So close!

[URL=http://[Image: IMG_0005_zps783603fc.jpg][/IMG][/URL]
[URL=http://[Image: IMG_0007_zps88fcc4d1.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

But let's move along to something much more serious- horse racing! On the 16th I was playing two tracks at once, which I'm beginning to think is not optimum for my betting success. I was playing too many races and making too many bets, but I still managed to turn a tidy profit (see screen grab from my online betting account.)

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires08-16_2_zps1a28717b.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

On the 21st I only played one track. I passed on many races. My win percentage was virtually the same as it had been on the 16th. But I made far fewer bets, and my ROI (return on $1 investment) was almost quadruple what it had been on the 16th.

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires8-21_zpse6405187.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

So is LM working? It certainly seems so to me. I think UM may be helping me to be more strategic and focused, especially in the horse betting, and maybe the Fantasy 5.

So far, so fun!
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Luck Magnifier is one of my favorite subs and this is why! It just makes things flow so much better. Congrats on your earnings it seems like LM is definitely working for you! Thank you for providing pics as well, if this doesn't prove subliminals work then nothing will.Smile
that's great, could you give us details about your subliminal usage? (hours per day, masked or ultrasonic)
Hey Tristan. As stated above, I have a continuous loop of the ultrasonic versions playing in my bedroom on speakers, with three-hour blocks of LM alternating with three-hour blocks of UM, playing 24/7. If I'm at home during the day (I've been on vacation for the past two weeks) I generally get between one to four hours exposure to masked trickling stream on earbuds. If I'm working, I get between three to five hours exposure to masked trickling stream on one earbud (safety regulations at work dictate that I can only listen through one earbud. Not optimum usage, but I figure better than nothing) and then maybe another hour or two at home.
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

Can I know your equipments (The speaker brand & type also earbud brand and type)?
Edo- the speakers are Gigaware from Radio Shack. Frequency response range is up to 20,000 khz.

I don't recall what type of earbuds I'm using. Suffice it to say that all the earbuds I've been using with the subs have been purchased on the basis of their price point. I buy earbuds in the $5-$6 range at discount stores or online.
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

I actually found Indigo Mind Labs because of gambling.

I've been a casual horseplayer for many years. Several years ago, I decided to make a concerted effort to turn pro, or at least semi-pro. I found a computer handicapping program that I really like. I met a couple of horseplayer friends/mentors. I read a lot of handicapping books. I explored more than one method/technique/idea that led to a dead end.

Sometime last year, I realized that my inability to become a consistently profitable player was a psychological problem. I started reading books about successful gamblers and horseplayers, and what contributed to their success. I tried to understand exactly why I couldn't seem to make it work.

At some point, I decided it was a good idea to make my own subliminals (even though on some level, I knew I didn't really want to do that.) I was surfing the net looking for materials on making your own subs, when I stumbled upon the IML site. And promptly surfed away. I continued with my searches, and eventually, once again, landed on the IML site. Even though I had been less than impressed with other producers' subliminals in the past, I took it as a sign, and decided to to give it a go with IML products, and I'm glad I did.

So yesterday I decided to try playing two tracks again. I was able to keep my number of bets down-very good. My attention was good, and I felt very focused. I was able to pass on many races I deemed unplayable. The only thing that got away from me was that all my wins were at one track, and I should have dropped the other track sooner.

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires8-23_zpsdd2e178e.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

So my win percent is still in the same ballpark. The ROI is down, but I still managed to show a small profit on the day. It's feeling like things are starting to come together, and that my personal style of play is becoming more defined and developed. Sitting in front of the computer for hours playing horses is very demanding, and I think the UM component is helping me maintain the discipline I need.

I also cashed in all of the lottery tickets pictured in the first post. In addition to the $240, I received sixteen lines of quick picks for Fantasy 5. One line hit 3 of 5 for a $9 win.
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

Appreciate the detailed posts Ruffian! I've been interested in using Luck Magnifier for some time now and I just had a couple questions on your experience with the affects of the sub. So are you finding success with horse racing because you are focusing on it and the sub is producing luck because you want it, or are you finding luck in everything you do? For example finding money, getting chosen out of a crowd for a positive event, receiving a line bypass etc. What's your opinion on using it for ninety days?


Hey Fonzy, I think I'm having increased luck with the horse racing because I've really been focusing on it. The other part to that is I'm approaching the end of a two-week "stay-cation," where I've pretty much been staying home and doing things around the house, so not much opportunity for other things to happen. Although, now that I think about it, the ice maker in my refrigerator had seemed to have died about two weeks ago. At some point, it appears to have experienced a spontaneous healing, and it's working fine now.

Before my vacation, when I was getting out more, I did seem to be catching more green lights while driving. And I went to the store one day and found that a couple of items that I intended to buy were on sale.

So it seems to work with things that are a regular part of your everyday life, and things on which you really focus your time and attention. If you have some specific things with which you would want to increase your luck, I would suggest spending more time thinking about them, planning, imagining, journaling, etc. so that your sub gets the message that this is important to you.

A ninety-day run might be very good. I have not yet set a specific cut-off date for using this sub for myself.
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

So I played one track yesterday. I felt less focused than I had the previous day. But I did keep the number of bets at a reasonable level. The win percent is down a bit, and ROI is negative. A $6.60 loss on the day, so losses were kept to a minimum. Win big, lose small!

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires8-24_zps79d2fed4.jpg][/IMG][/URL]
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

Early in my horseplaying career, I realized that it didn't make sense to chase wins by playing low-odds favorites. I didn't want just wins, I wanted profit. So I concentrated my efforts on finding live longshots, and false or vulnerable favorites. It was many years before I heard the term “value” connected with wagering strategies. That is what I had been looking for all along.

I played two tracks yesterday- my “winning” track of late, and a track I haven't been playing. I guess I'm still working out whether I can play more than one track at a time. At any rate, there were a couple of races where there was a horse I liked at decent odds, but the closer it got to post time, the lower the odds dropped. So I didn't place a bet. One of them won, but at a short price. I realized that I had never determined exactly just what were the minimum odds I would accept before I placed a bet. I still haven't, but at least now I'm thinking about it.

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires8-25_zps8cc53ae6.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

So as you can see, yesterday my win percent was way down. My ROI was very low, but still positive. In looking at all the results summaries on this page, I realized I have been losing between seventy- to ninety-two percent of my wagers, but I have still made varying amounts of profit, or have broken even (plus or minus a couple of bucks, I call breaking even.) I was amazed. I do seem to have a handle on this value thing. Now I just need to up the win percent. How hard could it be? Wink

The other thing is, as uninclined as I am to keep a journal of any sort, keeping this journal has helped me to become more accountable to myself, and has increased my motivation to tighten up my play.
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

Yea I heard the focus of subs is divided from both when you are using two 4g at the same time, this must be your motivation kicking in. Keep up with the posts


Last night I had a dream that left me with a profound sense of sadness and loss. Luck and motivation may seem simple and straightforward, but it's apparent these subs are affecting me at a deep level.

There's a saying that goes something like “luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” The dream seemed to bring up something about lost opportunity.

Maybe preparation can be as simple as being prepared to act. And if I'm sleepwalking through my “non-conscious participation in consensus reality,” (as the late Ingo Swann so wryly put it,) then what in me is available to meet opportunity?

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires08-26_zpse85003ab.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

Monday was my first day back at work after two weeks' vacation. I'm still adjusting to the schedule, and have been a little tired. But I decided to play one track on Monday anyway. I have said I wanted to increase my win percentage, and hey! 40% wins! But the ROI was + $7.50, a break-even day. So I start to think, no, it's not the win percent, it's the ROI. And the wheels are turning...turning... and I realize, no, it's both! It suddenly hit me that ROI is profit (or loss) in terms of amount, and win percent is profit in terms of time. For example, if I wanted to achieve an average yearly ROI of 2, I could lose every bet all year long, win one bet on New Year's Eve that hit a monster payoff, and still achieve that goal. If I want the wins to be more evenly spaced over time, then that's where win percent comes in. I never thought about it like that before. There seems to be a lesson here about being very specific about what I'm trying to achieve.

[URL=http://[Image: Twinspires8-27_zpse9e277e9.jpg][/IMG][/URL]

Tuesday I decided to try playing a track that I usually don't play. Win percent was low, and ROI was negative. I realized I need to pick four or five tracks to play consistently. Over the course of a year, one or two of them would be running at any given time. I've got one picked out already. It may take a year to choose the others, as the summer/fall meets wind down, and the winter/spring meets begin. I've got some ideas, but I'll just have to see where my win stats take me.

It's very encouraging to me that, after playing so many years, I'm really having some new insights. I don't look at that minus $19.60 as a loss, I look at it as the fee for my “tuition!” Wink
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!

Ah, mysterious luck!

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I also wanted some snack items for the weekend, but I wasn't sure what they might be. I was wandering around aimlessly, when I almost ran into a special display that had been set up in the middle of an aisle. On the rack was one of my favorite snacks- wasabi peas! Crunchy, spicy hot, yum! Tongue It's something I hardly ever remember because of their usual location in the store. So lady luck kindly put them right under my nose!

Later at home, I was surfing the web. There's an internet forum for horseplayers that I used to visit quite frequently in the past, but I haven't gone there for over a year. Out of the blue, I decide to check it out. I very quickly stumble across a post by someone who is also a vendor. Through his relationship with a pro horseplayer who mentored him, he's developed a video product called "Change Your Game Forever." It's not a handicapping tool, it's about changing the way you think about your game. I was dumbfounded. This is exactly the direction I've been going! I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure I'll get something out of it.

Best of luck, indeed :exclamation:
Fear is the precursor to precognition  *   Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged   *   Know thyself  *  Squirrel!


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