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Title: LTU - Frosted
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I am now 3 days on Life Tune Up.

It's making me seriously tired. I wasn't this tired from UMS or any other 5.5 g subliminal I've run before. Only time I've felt this bone deep weariness was from my first run of AM6 5 years ago. I'm expecting big results from this subliminal because of this.

Results so far: a small but significant feeling of underlying well being. Most noticeable when leaving the house. Noticeable from the first day.

I listen at night with trickling stream flac. I am listening 5 loops continuously 4 days on 2 off according to directions.
Yep, a few people reported quite alot of tiredness at first. Shannon has said that's because it's doing so much at once. But when it passes then it will be alot better.

To use an old analogy, it's like building a big lego castle. Roflmao  (Funny how this just popped into my head, i'd forgotten about it until now.)

[Image: Lego-castle.jpghttp:]

Good luck, I look forward to reading how it goes.
Ha, me too. Good times.

I just finished my first day of the second cycle. Geeze I'm so tired. This is literally the first time I've ever felt this potency from a subliminal. I believe I'm experiencing a taste of what Shannon calls 6G.

It's still so early and I know I've jumped the gun a lot on new subliminals, but seriously I really hope LTU keeps showing me what it already is. If so this will probably be the most life changing subliminal I've ever ran and the ideal of all future subliminals.
Give it a few weeks and it will get much better.

There will still be some rough days, but from my point of view it is indeed worth it.

I've tried other great subs the last year, but I keep coming back to this one.

Enjoy your journey man.
For me, often tiredness from LTU have come from repression of emotions, and when the subliminal work on these part of you i believe that it's tiring because it's so much that you hold in with. Time will show you how to work with that, just wanted to give you a nudge to follow these emotions when they pop up. Don't hold back and don't be afraid to let them out, even if it's feeling like "you are loosing control" - that is just for a short moment, and you will get better control in the long run if you allow yourself to feel what is needed - remember that we are all allowed to feel whatever we feel and express it. Listen to your gut and follow that and you will know what to do.
Finishing the first day of my third cycle. Just keeping track of time.

As far as I can tell I seem to have a more relaxed and open vibe.
Third cycle, just finished my first loops of the first day. Had some intense dreams. Started taking some medication I hadn't been using for a month and started having distrubing dreams again. Was completely fine before this and even thought that I was pretty much fully recovered.

Although the dreams don't affect my core, the do shake the waves on the surface.

(Not one of the disturbing dreams):

One of the dreams I had involved Shannon. I asked him if he ever thought of developing a subliminal called "Mastermind" and Shannon acknowledged that he has and would be developing it in the future. I don't know what this subliminal I was suggesting was now that I'm awake. We were in a restaurant and Shannon was in a booth sitting down while I was some distance away standing up. Kinda seemed like I was... I don't know, visiting his dream? Like I didn't own that scene I was visiting it. Like I didn't create the dream, my dream self was visiting that space. Kinda felt real. Also I was nervous speaking to him but it was being overcome in real time.

Also I don't know what the "mastermind" subliminal did. I had the feeling I really wanted it. That feeling came from a place of control.

Other than that, the disturbing parts I don't remember in detail. Just that ever since I took this new medication I have regressed in symptoms. I will not be taking it anymore and informing my psychatrist.

Overall though, the noticeablity of Life Tune Up's effects has gone down, but I feel like it is doing me good.

Side note: Now I'm embarking on another money making venture. So far seeing promising results.
Didn't take the mediation had a good sleep.

Is it just me or do I remember something about LTU having a manifestation module for things that improve your life in general. Or is it just LM/US?
Shannon or anyone who may know, do you know what heat in the chest is caused by? I'm not talking like heartburn, almost like a sunburn feeling, almost an emotion but not quite. It feels tainted. I would also have this sensation grow stonger in periods of anger although I do not believe it is completely associated with anger and blame. Especially considering that it seems to be seperate from my emotions. It's almost like a physical condition, yet I don't feel like it is.

I used to have this constantly along with panic attacks, but it mostly has been gone for a year, only coming back for very short periods. But these past few days it has come back.

I don't have any of the associated anxiety I used to associate with it. Right now I am calm and feeling good, but I have this heat in my chest like a rash or a burn.
LTU has a shield in itself, that may be causing that feeling heat.
I also glad to hear that panic attacks sessions had gone, these days everybody got bad mood due to lockdown things, so it will fade out (panic attack hits)soon I think. Good day!

"Who, then, is the invincible human being? One who can be disconcerted by nothing that lies outside the sphere of choice."    -Epictetus
It's definitely not LTU. I've had that heat for three years, ever since I started having psychotic breaks and thinking supernatural things were happening to me. I'm just stumped because it's not a physical condition, but it doesn't seem to be emotional either. It's almost like an energy condition.

Anyways, had a strong dream. I dreamt a dream where I kept getting distracted by entertainment but then I would say "Wait, no, I've got to do my homework!" I never ended up finishing it, but the pathways in my brain seem to be shifting.

Ah also, I found a giant leech after disassembling my watch and wrestled with it. It never got to attach to me but I couldn't quite kill it either. It was surprisingly strong.

And I'm feeling more physical sensation in my dreams as well. My dreams always used to be only visual and wispy. Now they're more clear and involve my senses more.

I've been really contemplating what I want to do with my life, especially after I received all that money... Coding? Writing? Something I have yet to discover?

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