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Title: LFC 5.75
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I am currently using LTU, but im using LFC as well as an instant on with 2 loops. Im not using properly LTU yet (do the 5 loops at night), because my main goal now is passing an important exam like in less than 3 months (i will use LTU properly after this, i have no doubt that this subs works, but well i have to see if it works achieving the goals supposed to), and i have to say that is helping me. It helps me to stay more centered and focus which is truly important. I do now more in less time because i'm not interrupting all the time with thoughts or looking whatsapp, forum, etc, even if i do it is for less time and i continue with what i want to do.

This is great because i have always thought that i have some king of ADHD compensated in someway with intelligence, but anyway it has been always be an issue. So it is good for the brain fog and for being more focus and calm.

I think IML is going in a really good direction, i hope 6g will be as good as we all think and want to be.

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