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Title: Introduction
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A quick intro: born April 2, in London, England. I came over to the US 6/13/79 and have lived in NY, NJ, TX (in that order) now I'm back in NJ. My goal is to be a successful screenwriter living in. My next major step is to move to Los Angeles.

I have been using subs since 2012 and not one of them have helped me the way Shannon's subs have. I just know that my career is about to take off because of Shannon's primo products.

I'm currently listening to APE which I might end listening to listening to APE at the end of this month. I'm then going to immerse myself into ASC. I am so happy, grateful, thankful, and positive with my life. I have left all worries and negativity behind me. All I see is success ahead of me.Cool

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