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Title: Intro and Question
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Hello everyone-

I'm new here. I started listening to the Ultra Success program last week and I am already impressed...I think. I am actually feeling more job dissatisfaction than ever before, and I am wondering if it is because of this audio. I am also feeling a more acute desire to go into business for myself, which I assume is also a manifestation of the program.

My question is: can I listen to these subs while I work my way through non-subliminal material? For example, can I read and study the Four Hour Workweek book and still listen to subs while I drive? The material won't clash in some way, will it?

Enjoy the subs, and will probably do AM next.


I'm Brad, I'm Nationwide
Personally I'm doing AM + SM/WM, which takes more than a year to complete... I enjoy reading & learning all kinds of self-development stuff and there's no way I'm stopping it all for that long. IMO, you're going to focus on something during that time anyway, might as well be something useful.
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Thanks for the reply Lion King. That was what I though too, but something that I read from Shannon in this forum made me wonder. In retrospect, I believe he was talking about running multiple subs during one time period. Apparently subs should be run singularly.

So how far along are you in the AM SM/WM process? What has been your experience so far?

I'm Brad, I'm Nationwide
Welcome man,
The dissatisfaction at work is a good sign it's working because it's pushing you to go for something better.

Yeah you're find reading stuff when your listening to the subliminal and should be okay when driving too, though especially when you start they can make you tired so i'd watch out for that if driving.

I've been using the Ultra Success sub for about a week now, and I'm impressed. I am going to start a thread in the User Journals section of this forum. That seems like a more appropriate place to post my experiences.

Peace and prosperity,

I'm Brad, I'm Nationwide

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