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Title: I'd like to understand this better, if anyone can help.
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Quote:This seems to be modern science catching up to things I have been saying for a long time, and others have been saying for a very long time before me.
And that's the sad part actually. Many people know that, and it's not even that hard to experiment. Anyone that dabbled enough with visualization and was adventurous enough to try crazy experiments on other humans or with a partner know how space really is an illusion. I don't know about time because I haven't experienced first hand, but space being an illusion is obvious at a point.
That's the odd thing with esoteric, hidden knowledge. it's right there, absolutely not out of reach of anybody. But nobody's even trying or caring about it., especially the talented people knowledgeable enough to decipher these phenomenons and understand how they work. People like me and you and many others have the data, and experience but no solid scientific knowledge to interpret them. You'll never hear someday that a talented scientist just found why influencing from a distance works. (Hint: space is apparently an illusion).
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RE: I'd like to understand this better, if anyone can help. - by DarkPlouf - 05-13-2019, 05:51 PM

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