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Title: Hyperhidrosis
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I realize that this isn't something a lot of people have to deal with, so I would only request this as an additional statement to prevent this issue in the future iterations of programs like USLM, DMSI, and LTU as opposed to a whole new subliminal.

Excessive sweating can happen in multiple parts of the body, but in my case, my hands are the ones being affected (palmar hyperhidrosis). I am embarrassed to shake other peoples hands, or even touch their bare skin because they will know I have been sweating and may misconstrue it as me being nervous when in fact I am not. You can imagine other problems that this may cause. I feel like having this as a statement would make people like me achieve their goals, or the goals of the program much quicker.

Nobody really knows what the root cause of this is, but it is speculated that it starts somewhere in the brain, and it is likely to be some sort of a subconscious issue.

To note, the symptoms are indeed exaggerated when I'm anxious, but they do not completely go away when I am not. Heat seems to exasperate it also, but it does not go away when it's not hot.

Thanks for the consideration!

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