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What is "Beast"?
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What is "Beast"?
From time to time, you will hear me mention Beast and a version number. What is Beast?

Put simply, "Beast" is the code name for the experimental bleeding edge subliminal I use to rapidly test various new technologies. It could be likened to a computer security "sandbox" concept. It allows me to test specific sections of script in a safe environment that forces focus on them specifically. It makes testing new tech much faster than it would be otherwise.

It is called Beast because the "sandbox" code is so complex, and becaise it literally encompases all known 6G technology currently developed so far. It makes building and testing each version a "beast" to do. But it keeps me safe.

The latest version, as of this writing, is Beast 12. I'm expecting to achieve the design goal with Beast 13, at least in part. Whether this is accurate remains to be seen.

From Beast, we will extract the technology modules that will make 6G out of the skeleton script.

That is Beast.

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